1st Safar 2023 in Pakistan to be on August 18

1st Safar 2023 in Pakistan to be on August 18

Today Islamic date in Pakistan is the 30th Muharram. The 1st Safar-ul-Muzaffar is to start on 18h August.

The month of Safar is all set to begin on the eve of the 18th of August in Pakistan. Therefore, 19th August will be the 1st Safar 2023 in Pakistan. Safar is the second month of the Islamic Calendar, the first being the sacred month of Muharram, one of the four holy months of the year, ordained by Allah (SWT).

In the month of Safar, the Prophet (PBUH) became ill and passed away in the following month, Rabi al-Awwal.On the 29th of Safar, in the 11th year After Hijra, the Prophet (PBUH) experienced a fever, yet he persevered and led the Muslims in prayer for 11 days.
It has been said that Imam Hassan (AS), the Prophet’s (PBUH) grandson, was martyred in the month of Safar amidst many trials and tribulations.

The sighting of the new moon marks the beginning of each Islamic month, and all Islamic events depend on its observation.

In Pakistan, the Ruit-e-Hilal Committee is responsible for the sighting of the new moon and makes the official announcement under the leadership of Maulana Abdul Khabir Azad. Therefore, the committee will officially declare the beginning of the new Islamic month/ 1st Safar 2023 in Pakistan.


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