3 DTH Licenses: Pakistan To Invite Direct Investment Bidding

3 DTH Licenses: Pakistan To Invite Direct Investment Bidding

Pakistan is to invite the direct investment for the three Direct-To-Home (DTH) bidding in the country, as per Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA).

Pakistan will invite the direct investment of at least $150mn after the bidding of DTH on 23rd November, 2016.

About 12 companies including three foreign operators as part of local group have been enrolled for the Direct-To-Home (DTH) bidding.  Going forward, foreign channels now are having the rights to come under the local government via a regulatory process.

The arrival of DTH in Pakistan will change the dynamics of the electronic media industry. The transmitting broadcasts will be direct to home by the Set-top boxes (STB) with the approximate cost of Rs.3,500 with a monthly fee of Rs.550.

The base price of the license bidding is Rs.200mn and the license holder have to pay the 65 % amount of the total immediately and the remaining dues need to be paid within three years in from of installments. After having the license the operator have to complete the work within a year otherwise the license would be terminated. PTC is taking part in the bidding process through a wholly owned subsidiary Smart Sky Limited accompanied by Russian operator in the consortium (total holding 49%) under the banner of Parus Media and Broadcast Ltd.

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