4 Tips to Buy Sugary Melon (Kharbooza)

4 Tips to Buy Sugary Melon (Kharbooza)

If you know these four tips then you will always buy the sugary melon (Kharbooza) will always be sugary

In the summer season melon is a commonly available fruitthat quenches the intensity of thirst, but to buy a sugary melon is not an easytask. In most of the cases you choose best melons but when came home and eatyou find that they do not taste as good as they should be.

But don’t worry now today we will share with you the 4tips to buy the sugary melon easily without cutting and seeing it.

Hereare the 4 tips to buy the sugary melon

Weightand structure

First of all see the size of the melon as they should be heavyin weight and round in shape.

Nostain on peel

Secondly there should be no stain on the peel of themelon. It should be no stain on the yellow color. If there are stains on it, itmay be due to overripe.

Pressthe melon

Third tip is press the melon, if it is hard it’s a signof its ripeness because it is tough and hard to press it.

It is also the sign of Kharbooza sweetness.

Yellow in color

Fourth is make sure that the skin is truly yellow and thereis no sign of green as it is also the sign of its ripeness and sweetness.

So readers these are the 4 tips to buy the sugary melonand to have the bunch of health benefits in the summer season.

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