5 Common Life Hacks Every Person Should Know

5 Common Life Hacks Every Person Should Know

Today we will tell you about some common life hacks every person should be aware of them and know how to fulfill those tasks.

  1. How to sew?

Either a male or a female sewing skill is very much essential. You can need it anytime anywhere. So you must be aware on the basic skills of sewing.

  1. How to tie a tie?

Another important thing for both male and female is to learn how to tie a tie.

  1. How to change a tire?

This task is very much essential especially for men. They should have the knowledge on how to change a tire if stuck in worse situation.

  1. How to paint a room?

It’s another life hack somehow important for both genders to know.

  1. How to Run a House hold?

Its necessary for both genders to manage the household tasks effectively, including food, paying bills, shopping, etc.


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