5 Tips On How To Maintain Your Air Conditioners

Air conditioning systems can be complicated and sometimes tricky to work with, especially if you are not an expert. However, this does not mean you should ignore the point that there are things you should know, and at least attempt to maintain the air conditioning system throughout the year. Whether you have an inverter AC that gives off cold or warm air, or own a smart Wi-Fi air conditioner it will require maintenance at some point in time.

To ensure the entire unit functions properly, you have to maintain the coils, filters, and fins every now and then. Neglecting the necessary maintenance eventually leads to a steady decline in the life of air conditioners and destroys its performance and steadily increases its energy consumption.

So, to maintain the coolness in your home during hot summer days, let’s take a quick look at the top care tips for your air conditioners.

1.     Change the Filters Regularly

The most significant maintenance tip that will ensure your air conditioners work efficiently is to replace or clean the filters routinely. Dirty or clogged filters block the normal flow of air and reduce the efficiency of systems significantly. With the normal airflow obstructed, the air that bypasses may carry dirt into the evaporator coil directly and impair the heat absorbing capacity. Also, replacing a clogged or dirty filter can lower the energy consumption of your air conditioner by 5-15%.

Generally, some types of filters are the reusable ones, while others require replacements every now and then. It is recommended that every homeowner should change their AC filters every three to six months. It is a fact that most health related problems are caused by poor indoor air quality. Allergens and dust find their way into homes through AC filters that are clogged or dirty.

2.     Set a Timer

It is not likely that someone will be in your home all the time. There are times when you and your family may decide to leave the house, but even if you all stay indoors, you may not need to cool your home constantly through the day. Setting a timer or thermostat control when switching on the split system, can save you a huge bundle of power bills through the month and years. While everyone is at work during the day, there is no point for you to regulate the temperature in your home.

However, it is certainly nice to head back to a cool home after a hectic day at work. This is when you can depend on a smart thermostat or timer to adjust the temperature upon entering your home and ensure you don’t over use it.

3.     Keep the Condenser and Coil Clean

If you own a split air conditioner, you will also want to maintain the portion of the unit that stays outdoors. This portion is important for the continued operation of your air conditioner system and you will want to make sure that you maintain it regularly. Routinely clean the coils and condensers to prevent the entire system from facing further problems.

To minimize the debris and dirt near the condenser unit, you need to keep the area around it clean. Falling leaves, dry dusty air could soon find its place into the condenser and reduce the flow of air.

4.     Lower the Work Load of Your Air Conditioner

If you really wish to save money, an efficient and long lasting air unit is what you need, one that you don’t have to take to professionals for regular services. To ensure that your air conditioner works in the best way, you have to regulate the temperature and you will effectively extend its life and lower the amount of money you will spend every month.

Another tip here is to keep all the windows and doors closed when you turn on your air conditioners. Most people believe that leaving the windows and door open doesn’t affect the cooling. However, this isn’t right. The more you leave the windows open, the more your air conditioning unit will stay turned on to achieve the desired cooling in the home. In the end, you will be left with heavy bills!

5.     Always Purchase from Reliable Brands

When you buy your air conditioner from reliable brands, then you should know that you will be saved from the costs of regular maintenance. However, if your air conditioning systems still face problems, it is advisable that you call in professionals from where you purchased the cooling unit.

Especially during summer, we all know the important role air conditioning systems play to keep our homes cool. Follow these maintenance tips and you are sure to stay away from excessive money spending and you can say goodbye to massive power bills!

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