Al-Haj FAW Soaring Prices for All Vehicles in Pakistan

Al-Haj FAW Soaring Prices for All Vehicles in Pakistan

Al-Haj FAW Soaring Prices for All Vehicles in Pakistan. It looks that the price of everything in Pakistan is going to increase day by day. Since the dawn of 2018 we see the surge in petrol price and after that Toyota, Pak Suzuki and Honda increased the prices of the vehicles including cars and bikes. Now another auto company Al-Haj FAW has soar the prices for all vehicles available in Pakistan.

Once again the reason behind the increase in Price hike is the rupee devaluation against US dollar in the market. Al-Haj FAW has decided to increase the price on each of their vehicles by Rs. 50,000

Here is the list of Vehicles which met the prices hike by Al-Haj FAW;

  1. V2: Previous price of Rs. 10,69,000 increased to Rs. 11,19,000.
  2. X-PV Standard: Previous price of Rs. 8,49,000 increased to Rs. 8,99,000.
  3. X-PV Dual AC: Previous price of Rs. 8,99,000 increased to Rs. 9,49,000.
  4. Carrier Deckless: Previous price of Rs. 7,29,000 increased to Rs. 7,79,000.
  5. Carrier Flatbed: Previous price of Rs. 7,39,000 increased to Rs. 7,89,000.
  6. Carrier Standard: Previous price of Rs. 7,49,000 increased to Rs. 7,99,000.

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