Aleem Dar Opens A Restaurant in Lahore And Here is What Virat Kholi Said

Aleem Dar Opens A Restaurant in Lahore And Here is What Virat Kholi Said. The famous Pakistani umpire Aleem Dar has recently jumped into the food industry and has launched a restaurant in PIA Cooperative Housing Society, Lahore. Aleem Dar’s restaurant dubbed as the ‘Dars Delighto’ is a wonderful place to enjoy with friends and family with fast food, continental, Chinese and Desi food along with BBQ and much more.

Aleem Dar said that the main aim to open a restaurant is to offer the people job opportunities and raise money for Dar’s own charitable causes. The umpire is already running a Cricket Academy for helping hearing impaired children by polishing their skill.

On the other hand the Indian cricket team captain Virat Kholi has congratulated the Pakistani umpire in a special video message and requesting the public to go and try the amazing food there.

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You can watch the Virat Kholi special video message for the Pakistani umpire below:

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