Ansar Burney Requests Indian Govt to Release Pakistani Special Boys

Ansar Burney Requests Indian Govt to Release Pakistani Special Boys. The Chairman of ‘Ansar Burney Trust International’ and Pakistan’s former Federal Minister for human rights, Ansar Burney on humanitarian grounds requested Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and Minister external Affairs, Sushma Sawaraj to release Pakistani boy Hasnain Ali who has hearing, speech disabilities and detained in an Indian Amritsar prison.

Ansar Burney, Advocate also requested with Indian Government to release another Pakistani mentally sick young man Javed Joggi detained in Jaipur Jail, India.

He said Husnain Ali is a residence of Lahore and Javed Jogi is the residence of Thar in Sindh. They both crossed border mistakenly as one is mentally sick and other unable to speak and listen.

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