Apex Court Put Ban on Admission in Unregistered Medical Colleges

Apex Court Put Ban on Admission in Unregistered Medical Colleges. The Supreme Court has barred admission in all unregistered private medical colleges countrywide. Heading a two-member bench at the Supreme Court’s Lahore registry against fee-hike in private medical colleges and hospitals on Tuesday, Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar summoned details of fee structure of all private medical colleges and barred admission in private medical colleges those who have not registered under PMDC countrywide until further notice.

The chief justice observed that his recent visit to the Mayo Hospital was heavily criticised but maintained that he will pay a visit wherever there is a healthcare issue. He remarked that the court is hearing cases of public interest because of passion, not for its personal glory. He also summoned details of bank accounts of owners of medical colleges.

Chief Justice Nisar observed that medical colleges are being run on rooftops and garages, adding that the court should be told about the structure of such colleges.
He remarked that “although we are producing doctors, we don’t know whether our tool is correct or not.” The apex court has summoned the Chief Executives of all private medical colleges with affidavits.

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