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Automatic 70cc Motorbike Now Available in Pakistan

Automatic 70cc Motorbike Now Available in Pakistan

Comfortable and affordable vehicle in Pakistan has gained advance technology. Earlier the First Super Power announced clutchless automatic scooters in Pakistan and now the Union Star has launched the new 70cc Automatic Motorbike.

It’s a great move in Pakistani Automotive industry as the car manufacturers in the country are introducing high end tech features in four wheels vehicles just like them for  achieving usefulness and affordability the motorbike manufacturers have also jumped into it to launch fully automatic and semi- automatic gearboxes.

The 70cc automatic motorcycle by Union Star is a new move in 2 wheels vehicles. The company has incorporated this technology in bikes. This advance technology Union Star bike will particularly make the two wheels vehicle to operate easily and will definitely facilitate older people and female drivers.

Automatic 70cc Motorbike Now Available in Pakistan

The new 70cc motorbike does not include a traditional gearbox, kick and clutch system as it operates on direct-drive technology. The new bike will feature single cylinder engine and can hold up to 9 liters of petrol, revealed sources.

Price of Union Star Automatic 70cc Motorbike:

The actual price of the Union Star Automatic 70cc Motorbike is not known yet but it is said that it will retail approximately PKR. 45,000.

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