Autorickshaw Company Sazgar Plans to Make Cars and Small Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan

Autorickshaw Company Sazgar Plans to Make Cars and Small Commercial Vehicles in Pakistan. The CNG autorickshaw company in Pakistan Sazgar has a plan to set up a car and small commercial vehicles assembly plant in the country.

The company has decides to built a plant on a fast-track basis as it looks to introduce vehicles in an 18-month time frame to strike potential growth in Pakistan’s auto sector.  Sazgar Engineering Works has declared that they will set up making small commercial vehicles and cars by 2019.

It looks that the company is in hurry to launch the small commercial vehicles and cars in the country as it has already halt the production of its earlier announced plan of introducing three-wheels rickshaws.

In this regard the company’s Secretary Arshad Mahmood has sent a notification to Pakistani Stock Exchange (PSX), read as,

“Considering the potential growth and future prospects of the automobile sector in the country and in order to facilitate timely completion of the project; the board has decided to hold the expansion of auto rickshaws production facilities as communicated earlier.”

Mr. Mahmood also added that their cars and small commercial vehicles manufacturing plant is likely to be completed by 30th June, 2019. The newly set up automating plant will be able to produce 24,000 vehicles every year, he added.

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