Be Careful of Whatsapp Video Calling Scam

Be Careful of Whatsapp Video Calling Scam

Recently Whatsapp Video call feature started to roll Pakistan after the worldwide launch. This video calling feature of Whatsapp is presently working on the latest Android versions and also on Jelly Bean, iOS9 operating system.

Some internet scammers in are having advantage of this thing and sending fake messages seemingly Official Whatsapp Website in order to activate calling feature to all Android OS Versions.

The scammers are sending Message with a link as follows:

You’re invited to try Whatsapp Video Calling feature.

Activate at


Be Careful of Whatsapp Video Calling Scam

if you are using Whatsapp and not able to opt the calling feature don open this link as it lead to scam or virus infected links instead of allowing you to have Whatsapp Calling Feature.

So try to be careful and don’t open such fake links.

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