Soon Beer and Liquor Will Be Available at Lahore Airport

Lahore Airport will start the sale of beer and liquor soon

Pakistanis a Muslim country and open sale of beer and liquor is not allowed although itis available for the foreigners at some of the luxurious hotels, but now itwill be available for sale at the Allama Iqbal International Airport.

There isa report that has revealed that a local company in Pakistan is all set to opena duty-free shop in order to sell alcoholic and beer at the Allama IqbalInternational Airport.

UnicornPrestige Limited, one of the prominent hotels in Lahore, has applied for aliquor license for opening a shop at Lahore Airport in the name of Royal SwissInternational.

Thecompany will set up a duty free shop after getting approval from the PTI-ledgovernment in Punjab province.

On theother hands there are reports that the company has received no objectioncertificates (NOC) from Punjab Excise & Taxation Department, police as wellfrom the district administration.

After theNOC was issued, a summary to set up the a duty free beer and liquor shop atLahore airport was sent to Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar forapproval.

Thesummary is still awaiting Chief Minister’s approval. Once that is done, beersand alcoholic beverages will be available at Allama Iqbal International Airportin Lahore.

At themoment only Holiday Inn, Pearl Continental, Avari and Ambassador Hotel has the authorisedliquor selling licenses out of which 12 for Lahore.

It is important to mention here that under the law of the country, only non-Muslim citizens or non-Muslim foreigners are permitted to buy and consume liquor from permitted suppliers.



There was reports that suggested that the beer and liquor will be available at the Lahore airport and the government of Punjab will approve the summery forwarded to PM Buzdar. But now the spokesperson
to Chief Minister of Punjab, Dr. Shahbaz Gill has denied all such reports regarding the liquor bar at the airport.

He revealed that an under-construction hotel near the airport had sought government’s permission, which was granted after all the legal requirements, but not such type of license has been granted to any kind of company at the airport. He told airport come under the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and that the provincial government has no control over it.

He denied all such reports circulation on media websites in a video statement on the official twitter page that you can see below:

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