10 Best Apps to Turn Photos into Drawings and Sketches

10 Best Apps to Turn Photos into Drawings and Sketches

If you are interested in creating drawings and sketches, these apps are ideal for you then. Whatever these apps do is just automatic. You just need to select a photo of your choice, these apps do the rest and the final is ready for you. These apps convert your photos into drawings and sketches. You are free to make changes the way you want.

These apps do the work in different ways. Some trace the lines and digitize the colors in photos using an algorithm. Others depend on artificial intelligence to do the magic to your photos.

Photographers who are not proficient in using pencils to turn their photos into sketches. No worries, as there are chosen the 10 best apps to turn photos into drawings and sketches, which are compatible with iOS and android both. They are likely to utilize these apps to transform their photos into sketching and drawings.

1. Watercolor Effect:

This app is one of the 10 best apps to turn photos into drawings and sketches as it is the simplest option to use. You just have to browse through the dozens of presets and tap on the one you like. It has almost 30 filters that transform your photos into artwork. Though it does not have many editing tool options, you can adjust how much of the effect you want to add to your photos. The unique thing about this app is it lets you paint your photos yourself. You won’t have to use any filters as you will be tracing the image with your fingers to create digital artwork.

Watercolor Effect offers you a 3-day trial, after that, you have the subscribe to the weekly or yearly options to use this app. It is compatible with iOS and android both. Its user-friendly interface allows you to create art more quickly than other apps.  It provides oil painting presets to turn your photos into frame-ready art pieces.

2. Toonme:

Toonme can turn your photos into cartoons and caricatures. The thing that makes Toonme unique is that it uses artificial intelligence to create realistic effects for your photos. It offers dozens of styles and click options to create different results and enables it to stand among the 10 best apps to turn photos into drawings and sketches. Toonme is available on both iOS and Android and lets you use it on any smartphone you own.

Toonme is free to download but there are some extra features that you need to buy if want to use them. You can make purchases through in-app purchases. You can also subscribe to Toonme Pro. Though it is a bit high seep in price, if you are using it a lot then you should consider this app. Besides cartoon-style photos, it also offers hand-drawn sketch options. It provides a wide range of layouts that you can use for your profile pictures and Instagram stories. It lets you make changes of your choice through customization options. It is adding new presets to its library regularly, so you never run out of options. Toonme gives Toonme challenges where you can share your photos with other Toonme users.

3. Painnt:

This app carries more than 2000 filters that can transform your photos and landscapes into aesthetic masterpieces. More than 900 of these filters are sketch styles, to give your images a popular pencil drawing look. This huge variety of filters makes this app one of the 10 best apps to turn photos into drawings and sketches. It offers a free version of image editing, but it is a limited range of filters. You need to buy a weekly, monthly, or yearly subscription to be entertained with the whole collection of filters. You just need to load your image, scroll through the style options and tap on the one you want. It is handy and simple to use. The only drawback of this app with Android and iPhone apps is you need an internet connection to use it. The company needs to send photos to the company’s server for processing.

4. PhotoMania:

If you like to play with colors, then this app is the best option for you. You can play with different effects and can turn your photos into a sketch. Apart from these options of sketches and drawings, you can also add frames to your photos to be used as profile photos. You can send e-cards using dozens of options from PhotoMania. As it is one of the 10 best apps to turn photos into drawings and sketches. PhotoMania has about 400 presets, including sketch effects and vintage looks. It also has doubled as an editing tool. It is ideal for adjusting exposure settings. It has a mask tool. You can use it to apply sketch effects on certain parts of your photos. It is quite a unique feature that makes it unique among other apps. PhotoMania is free to download and use. But it needs some purchases to use some more presets. Apart from sketch effects, you can also turn your photos into paintings to give a stylistic look to your photos. You can add texture to your photos to give them a more realistic look. It offers holiday templates on special occasions. No matter you are an android user or an iPhone user you can use this app.

5. EnlightPhotofox:

It is a fantastic app for those who like simple photographic edits. This app is the perfect option for those who want to turn their images into amazing pieces of art. It offers drawing effects, image correction, painterly effects, and photographic filters. It offers 16 preset sketching tools and masks to apply specific and local effects. you need to head to the artistic part of the app to turn your photos into paintings or chose a sketch. The big thing about this android and iPhone app is that you can further tweak any of the filter settings to make it completely customized. You can combine photos and text to create graphics. You can save images at high resolution for the highest quality possible. With all these specifications, PhotoMania has managed to get a place among the 10 best apps to turn photos into drawings and sketches.

6. Prisma:

If you want to turn your photos into a Picasso or Van Gogh painting, Prisma is a fantastic option for you. This app lets you turn your photos into popular painting styles from some of the best artists in the world. This special effect makes it to be one of the 10 best apps to turn photos into drawings and sketches. All you have to do is open your gallery, select a photo, and chose from the various filters to go for the changes in your photos. This app has some of the most creative names for sketch effects such as curly Hair and Heisenberg. It offers a limited editing tool. You just need to use your finger to adjust the intensity of the applied filter on your photo. The only drawback of Prisma is you cannot save images in full resolution. It is a hurdle for those who want to print large sizes. It offers 30 different artistic filters to choose from. You can download new styles from the Store and is a user-friendly app just like Instagram. It can also work with video and photographs. It is an android and iOS app.

7. Photolab:

Photolab is a great Android and iPhone app. This is a good option if you want to turn your photos into drawings, sketches, and watercolor images. Besides filters, you can add borders, frames, and montages to turn your photos into real works of art. Photolab offers you effective features to help you find the presets you like much more quickly. On top of the original drawing app features, you can also use its essential editing functions such as color adjustment, crop, rotate, and touch-ups. With these possibilities, Photolab is one of the 10 best apps to turn photos into drawings and sketches. you just need to choose a picture from your camera roll or take one through the app. It offers you 800 effects for your photos, e-card templates, and additional photo filters like digital rain and jigsaw puzzle. You can save your artwork or share it on social media within the drawing app.

8. VistaCreate:

Vistacreate is both for Android and iOS app. it is a free graphic design app that offers a wide range of customization templates for social network posts, logos, banners, posters, mockups, thumbnails, and more. This app is handy to add a photo effect online free from hassle and stress. No matter what kind of image or template you want to customize, you can do it without any need of connecting extra software. You are free to add numerous creative and eye-catching filters, level up colors and lights, and easily style up your image, you can use its cool features on iOS, Android, and the web platform too. This specialty makes VistaCreate one of the 10 best apps to turn photos into drawings and sketches.

9. Sketch Drawer:

This app is an awesome app to turn photos into sketches. it helps you to make amazing art out of your photos like they were drawn by some professional artists. It is software for PC that makes it easy for you to create both color or black-and-white sketches. it has three different styles of conversion, including Realistic, Detailed sketch, and Classic. Each style has its own set of presets to make it convenient to use. You can use Batch mode to process them all at once if you want to convert a group of photos into drawings.

10. Pencil Sketch:

This app is available for both Apple and Android devices. It is one of the highest-rated applications for turning photos into pencil sketches. This holds an auto-improve tool. It means that everyone can prepare the best variation of pictures by balancing the color before the very start of applying the drawing effects. moreover, Pencil Sketch offers four types of drawings: sketch, hatch, comic strip, and doodle. Users can apply an effect, and adjust it as they want. An accurate pencil drawing with charming curves, and clear contours will be waiting for you. The comic strip is the most accurate effect to use. Doodle is an animation-like drawing to describe…a colorful cartoon. The interface looks elegant. The outputs become really vivid and realistic. Moreover, it is a kid-friendly user. This made this app one of the 10 best apps to turn photos into drawings and sketches.


You can use any of these apps to turn your photos into drawings and sketches and transform them into masterpieces. You just need to download the app, either free or with a subscription for some more editing. You can make your desired changes to your photos with just a single click. You can also add some frames, styles, layouts, filters, etc. to give a fantastic look to your photos. The list has explained all the 10 best apps to turn photos into drawings and sketches. you can choose any of them to get the desired results, no matter what smartphone you are using, iPhone or Android.

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