These Are Best Free Online Screen Sharing Websites and Tools

These Are Best Free Online Screen Sharing Websites and Tools

Screen sharing websites and tools are extremely significant for educating, presenting, and work together online with people. Unluckily, trying to completely share your screen online with people can be a massive annoyance because everyone has had different programs installed into their devices.

The screen-sharing tools that we have shared in this article are proposed to be used when you are required to share your screen online with others at the best possible time. 

The below-mentioned websites and tools for screen sharing are not much powerful but are quick, easy to use, and also don’t involve a considerable download.

1. Screenleap

Screenleap, on the other hand, is easy to use the online screen sharing software. It is definitely one of your best options to share your screen to any device with a browser and needs only a minor download on the participant’s device to work. When you share your screen you get a code that is entered by participants on the Screenleap homepage, after which they are directly able to watch the host’s screen.

Screenleap also has the paid subscriptions feature that lets you increase your time limit of screen sharing, the number of participants, and security.

2. Show My PC

Show My PC is still working well in the online scree sharing era, in spite of its outdated version. It was designed to share the screen with the technician as the remote support tool, but now it is working well with the general screen sharing among the participants.

For using the Show My PC you need to download it and get the password, you then need to share this password with your participant whit whom you want to share your screen online.

The free version of Show My PC online screen sharing tool only permits two people to share screen in one time.

3. Mikogo

It’s a good online screen-sharing website that allows you just to create an account with this program and start using the easy and quick service.

Mikogo does not require the participant to register first.  Furthermore, it only allows you to share the screen with one person at a time.  Within this screen sharing tool, you can do text chat, stream webcams, transfer files, display only specific windows, and also do voice chat.

4. is more concerned with the business community. Its aim is to make the business customers get in touch online with participating without having a huge headache. It helps you to do virtual meetings, talk to one another, and share their screen easily anytime and anywhere.

Though used to provide a free plan, currently it only giving a free trial. Yet, if you only need to screen share for a single participant it’s a good option. The best feature of this online screen sharing program is that you can enable remote control so that somebody else can control your screen. This feature is a great one in analyzing the problems.

You just need to make an account, and after that, you get the dedicated room URL that you give to the participants and they join you instantly. This online screen sharing program comes in a paid plan with 14 days of a free trial.

5. Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet is the online screen sharing tool by Google. Its use is easy, simple and quick. It’s an incredible choice because supports up to 100 people in the same room.

Though, there is a big limitation: you can only host with Hangouts Meet if you have or are part of a paid G Suite plan. The use of this screen sharing tool is extremely easy, you don’t need to download anything just press a button and start sharing.

6. Whereby

Whereby is a free chat and screen sharing website that is extremely easy to use for online screen sharing? The company has rebranded itself in 2019 with a modern and fresh look with easy-to-use features. Furthermore, it doesn’t require downloads from either the host or contributors.

In order to use Whereby you will need to make an account and verify your email address. After that, all is easy and you don’t need to create a new meeting each time you can just get a consistent “room” URL that you can share.

This online screen sharing program works well with both desktop and mobile, so contributors can join from anywhere.

Unluckily, the free version only permits three other people to participate, but if that’s not difficult for you then Whereby is the best choice.

The Bottom Line:

So, readers, these are some of the best free online screen sharing websites and tools that work well for screen sharing among two or more participants and their use is quick, easy, and problem-free.

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