The Best Invitation Makers for Creating Stunning Invites!

The Best Invitation Makers for Creating Stunning Invites!

Invitation-making used to be a craft of a high skill set as it demanded a lot of creativity and technique to play with colors. However, things have changed with the inception of invitation-maker apps. Nowadays, countless applications are available in the market that can be used to create stunning invites. Therefore, you don’t have to undergo a laborious and complex process to get imperious designs. These programs have hundreds of pre-made templates in them. All you have to do is to tweak them with a bit of smartness and intelligence. As a result, you can get your customized invites within minutes. This blog post will highlight the best invitation-maker applications that can help you meet your needs.

Top-Rated Apps to Design Striking Invitations

Undoubtedly, almost all invitation-maker apps provide valuable features and design tools to carve extraordinary pieces of invitations. 

However, the following sources are a level better than the others.

1. Invitation Maker – Card Creator

    With over five million plus downloads, this app is developed by CA Publishing, which you can use to create invitations for any event. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort in developing breathtaking ecards with the help of this program. That’s the case because you don’t have to possess masterly designing skills to make your invitations look stunning, as it provides all the essential design elements. Using this invitation maker app, you can create invitations for Christmas, Halloween, new year, baby showers, and many more occasions, as many pre-made templates are available for each type of event. 

    Moreover, you can add different HD pictures, apply filters, and change the colors of the photos to make your invitations lively. Furthermore, to customize your invitations, you have to perform a few clicks instead of designing everything from scratch.

    2. Birthday Invitation Maker

      This app is built by Mobi App & Thumbnail Maker Inc which can be used to make invitation cards with photos to invite your friends and family. It is specifically developed to design birthday party invitation cards. 

      First, you need to choose a template and edit it with your images and text to customize it to share the final card with your loved ones. In addition, you can pick different backgrounds or stickers and quotes to decorate your cards. Moreover, you can change the font style, color, and size and integrate your signature in any manner to make your design look supreme as per your liking. 

      Furthermore, this app supports screen resolutions of all devices, including mobiles and tablets. Therefore, you can use it on any of these devices.

      3. Digital Invitation Card Maker

      You may create beautiful invites for any event using this invitation builder from the picture studio & image editor lab. This program offers more than 5000 customizable templates that you can use to create invitations for birthday parties, weddings, and other special occasions. Additionally, you may alter your invites’ color and font style using numerous design editing tools. Besides, you may print your invitations from the app gallery using a printer. 

      Additionally, you may instantly distribute invitations you’ve created via email, social media, and other messaging apps. In addition, you can have the luxury of removing ads by subscribing to its premium plan and including a location link in the invitation.

      4. Invitation Maker Greeting Card

        Made by Hangzhou Lemi Network Technology Co., Ltd, it is another perfect app to design invitations for any event within minutes. Using the hand-crafted template present in it, you can make unique and imperious invites for any ceremony. In addition, you can get your hands on an extensive collection of stickers and other design elements to add delicacy to make your designs enchanting. Moreover, you can use multiple aspect ratios for your designs. That means you can get invitations in numerous sizes and dimensions. 

        Furthermore, this app keeps saving your design automatically. Therefore, if you accidentally turn off your phone or there happens to be an unfortunate incident, you won’t lose in process design, which can be completed later.

        5. Invitely Invitation Card Maker

          You may create intriguing and appealing cards with this app developed by Brand Buzz developer for various occasions, such as kitty parties and baby shower celebrations. 

          With this software, you can quickly generate an invitation by editing or replacing the name, address, and other predefined details with your own personalized information. With it, you may alter the font styles and add elaborate patterns to make your design appear illogical. 

          Additionally, you won’t have to watch any adverts while creating your layout if you purchase one of its premium plans, which is a drawback in the free mode. 

          With that, you gain access to countless additional unmatched design templates. It makes it the perfect tool for creating invitations for work-related events, company milestones, job advancements, etc.


          These are the best applications that you can use to make spectacular invites. All of them have distinctive features and qualities. You can use any of them, and we ensure that none will disappoint you.

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