Beware of updating WhatsApp Gold

Beware of updating WhatsApp Gold

What is WhatsApp Gold and Should You update it? So the answer is the WhatsApp Gold is totally a hoax and you should beware of updating any kin of such update by clicking on the link sent by any of your friends and family members.

There are a number of rumors suggesting that the WhatsApp Gold is the latest version of the messaging application which is exclusive for the celebrities. If you ever heard about the WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Gold – update rumors that keep fluctuating on social media and if you have received any message for an update to WhatsApp Gold, then beware, it is a hoax forward.

So beware to update this as it’s a virus sent to the users to hack their accounts. Indeed, a message is spreading around the globe is now warned the users that a video titled ‘Martinelli’ will be posted on WhatsApp to hack the hardware of your phone even jeopardise your personal data.

If the update message says that you will be able to access some premium features like sending photos to 100 people at a time or that you can delete your sent messages at any point of time then it is a fraud.

The message is written in ‘All those who use the Whatsapp forward the message to all friends, but the IT experts have warned that there is a video ‘Martinelli’, never open it, as it will hack your phone and then it will be difficult to get control.

So never click, this virus is very dangerous, beware of it, the first part of this message has been mentioned about the video, while in the second part is about the WhatsApp Gold which is totally a hoax.

The various versions of WhatsApp Gold are emerging from 2016 and many users claimed to be invited to the update this Limited edition of the messaging app, in which promises were made to send hundreds of pictures simultaneously, video chat and messaging delete, but when you click on a link it leads to you to the website that hackers had developed. The hackers then takes control your phone and reach to your personal data.

So readers if you get this message, do not click on the upgrade link, but just delete the message immediately.

It is important to mention here that the WhatsApp has the same version that already exists in your phone and updates automatically.

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