How You Can Use your Smartphone as your Car Key?

How You Can Use your Smartphone as your Car Key? Two Pakistani software experts have created a novel little device that will not only completely replace your car key, but also permits you to control several features of your car from your smartphone.

Two young entrepreneurs Hammad Yasir and Muhammad Ali Rashid, from Lahore have collaborated to develop an application that allows you control your car from your smartphone.

The application is named “Car Chabi”, permits you do away with your car keys.

With the help of car chabi app you can lock, unlock, start, and stop your car from your phone. It also allows you secure the car and turn the AC and heater on/off from a distance of about 50 – 80 feet.

The Car Chabi kit costs Rs.6000 and the installation charges are Rs1500. Furthermore, the company offers free delivery all over Pakistan.

For complete information about this innovative creation Car Chabi visit the official website here.

How Car Chabi Works see in the video below:

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