Launches Subscription Program Cheetay Xoom Launches Subscription Program Cheetay Xoom making strides in creating loyalty through a subscription program called Xoom is on its way to revolutionising the e-commerce industry by providing not only prompt delivery of food from over 450 restaurants in Lahore but books from renowned book stores, health & beauty products from the best pharmacies and groceries at the customer’s doorstep.

Having already created an indelible mark by being customer centric and enhancing the e-commerce experience, they plan to further facilitate the customers by launching Cheetay Xoom.

Xoom is an initiative powered by to take convenience to the next level. The premise is simple, the customers will be given a onetime price package to subscribe to for unlimited free delivery throughout the year from an exclusive list of restaurants. This will enable the customers to prepay a stipulated amount in advance eliminating the need to pay delivery charges for every order they place.

“Keeping Amazon Prime as the benchmark, we want to foster loyalty and create brand equity through a premier subscription program. What this does is that for a meagre amount, the customers will get the chance to order from an exclusive list of restaurants around the year extricating the need to deal with the riders to make payments every time. Apart from the one-time payment facility, Xoom will give the customers a chance to get deals and avail massive discounts from the best gourmet eateries in Lahore” stated Ahmed Khan, CEO

With Xoom, aims to provide a paid subscription service to the masses which would otherwise be unavailable to the general customer. For them, innovating and focusing on facilitating the e-commerce experience is key.

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