Child Rapists Will be Hanged Publicly in Pakistan: Resolution

Child Rapists Will be Hanged Publicly in Pakistan: Resolution

A resolution has been passed in the National Assembly in which it is mentioned that the child rapists will be hanged publicly.  The resolution to publicly execute culprits is widely accepted in the National Assembly.

Pakistan’s National Assembly has unanimously approved a resolution to publicly execute culprits of child sexual abuse.

The resolution was presented by Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Ali Muhammad Khan at a National Assembly meeting on Friday.

Earlier in the National Assembly, the bill passed in the name of Zainab on the protection of children suggested a life sentence for those who committed such a crime.

It is to be noted that the demand for the execution of the child rapists was strongly sought after the seven-year-old Zainab of Kasur, Punjab, was killed after the sexual assault. The resolution, presented by the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, states that the Prime Minister wants that the child rapists would be hanged till death.

Ali Mohammad Khan said that when the bill was presented to the National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Human Rights, the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) opposed the death sentence and suggested a life sentence, after which the recommendation of the Standing Committee were presented in the National Assembly.

Child Rapists Will be Hanged Publicly in Pakistan: Resolution

The Minister said that after the passage of this bill from the National Assembly, the bill is now in the Senate but it has not been approved from there, so after passing this resolution, it should be made part of the bill.

He said that the incidence of child sexual violence and murder is increasing alarmingly in society. The children are now becoming insecure in the society and their parents and relatives have shown serious concerns about this issue.

Ali Mohammed Khan said it was now imperative to make strict action to those involved in such serious crimes.

During the voting process the members of PPP have opposed it while the Pakistan Muslim League-N and Jamaat-e-Islam voted in favor of the resolution.

The members of PPP in Nation Assembly and the former Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf said that Pakistan is committed to United Nations’ (UN) resolutions on the death penalty, so their party cannot support the death sentence.

It should be noted that the PPP had stopped the execution of a death sentence in its last tenure.

According to a report unrestricted by child rights organisation Sahil in September last year, 1,304 cases of sexual assault of children were reported by the media in the country from January to June. It means that at least seven children are abused every day. In 2018, an adjustment was made in section 377B of the PPC to make the punishment for sexual abuse more severe.

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