Chinese Automakers Interested To Set Up Manufacturing Plants In Pakistan

Chinese Automakers Interested To Set Up Manufacturing Plants In Pakistan. A delegation of Chinese manufacturers and assemblers of automobiles including heavy duty trucks, engines, auto parts and tyres visited Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and showed interest to set up auto manufacturing plants in Pakistan.

The delegation was representing about 500 auto companies of China including Jinan Zhongzhan International Trade Col. Ltd, Jinan Bonaite Trading Co. Ltd, Hebei Xinjiu Heavy Duty Machinery Makes Co. Ltd., Sinotruk, Shanghai Cheezmail E-Commerce Co Ltd., and others.

The delegation members said that they were representing 500 automobile companies of China that were producing EU standard vehicles and were interested to explore business opportunities for vehicles, engines and auto parts in Pakistan as it was a potential market for automobile sector.
They said initially they were interested in finding local partners for supply of automobiles and auto parts in Pakistan and on successful operation of business, they would try to set up auto manufacturing plants and bonded warehouses through joint ventures and investment in Pakistan.

The delegation members said they also wanted to share their technical know-how and expertise with Pakistani manpower in this field.
They also agreed to organize a seminar at ICCI to create awareness in the local business community about their auto products and prospects of business collaborations with them.

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