Chinese Electric Cars in Pakistan – Shifeng D101 Is Now Up For Sale!

Chinese Electric Cars in Pakistan – Shifeng D101 Is Now Up For Sale! The trend of electric cars has been increasing with the passage of time in Asia including Pakistan. The customers who are found of electric cars now can buy the affordable Chinese electric cars in Pakistan. Chinese Electric Cars Shifeng D101 is now up for sale in Pakistan. The Electric Cars turning out to be more beneficial for them as compared to vehicles run on petrol or diesel. Companies like Tesla have seen some massive success in this regard.

Furthermore the other automaker companies Ike GM, Nissan and BMW are investing in their research and development in order to manufacture reliable and cheap electric cars.

We already have conventional Chinese automobiles in Pakistan; from FAW cars to Foton to Zotye and a few more.

Now another Chinese manufacturer has brought the electric cars in Pakistan called Shifeng D101. The Shifeng D101 electric car is now up for sale in Pakistan. The Shifeng D101 model is five doors and four-seat hatchback model.

Features of Shifeng D101

The overall dimensions of Shifeng D101 are 3465×1530×1485 mm (L×W×H) and its weight is 1180 kg and. It has the wheelbase of 2345 mm and has the capability to run approximately 150 kilometers on a single charge.

The report revealed that the Shifeng D101 electric car can take up to 9 hours to charge from zero battery (official Shifeng number). It has the top speed of 80 km/h. Shifeng D101 comes with disks in the front and drums in the rear.

Colors of Shifeng D101 Electric Car

It is available having red, white, blue, orange and silver.


The price of Shifeng D101 electric car in Pakistan is nearly Rs. 750,000.

Availability Shifeng D101 Electric Car

It is presently available for sale in Lahore.

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