Chinese Passengers Protest on the Floor at Islamabad Airport Against Custom Duty on Mobile Phones

Chinese Passengers Protest on the Floor at Islamabad Airport Against Custom Duty on Mobile Phones by the PTI government.

The people who bring mobile phones from overseas need to register their phones in Pakistan as per the new law formed by the PTI government. The Pakistanis from abroad can bring more than five mobile phones in the country, while the one phone is custom free and for the rest they have to pay the custom fee.

Now anamazing incident happened at the Islamabad Airport where the two Chinese personhas protested against the custom duty on mobile phones.

Chinesepassengers on Friday took a vigorous exception to the imposition of duty onmobile phones and registered a protest against it at the capital of PakistanInternational flying field.

Thepassengers were carrying high-priced gadgets lay down on the ground of theflying field as a protest against the tax introduced by incumbent PakistanTehreek-e-Insaf government to support reserves and repair the falteringeconomy.

Lei Zhentao and Lian Zhenfu had arrived in capital of Pakistan from Urumqi via China Southern Airlines flight CZ6007.

Thecouple was stopped for carrying six mobile phones and in accordance with theset customs policy charged asked them to pay $285 in duties and taxes on fourhandsets.

As per the new ‘mobile tax policy’ proclaimed by the govt, foreign guests and travellers returning to Pakistan will solely bring one telephone set nontaxable whereas for added devices, they need to pay applicable taxes to avail service within the South country when thirty days.

Zhentaoand Zhenfu when paying the hefty quantity as tax lay down on the ground andblocked the exit gate of International arrivals to record their protest.

Accordingto them, they jaunt Pakistan many times a year and ought not to pay the dutywhen they bring about in additional than one cell.

The Chinese passengers complete their protest solely when flying field private security force personnel well-read them that their considerations would be forwarded to the relevant ministry.

The protest was recorded by fellow passengers at the Islamabad Airport and found the tactic amusing and spectacular at same time.

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