Complete Details about Super Card Load of Ufone, Telenor, Jazz, Warid and Zong

Complete Details about Super Card Load of Ufone, Telenor, Jazz, Warid and Zong.

Today you will find here the complete details about Super Card Load of Ufone, Telenor, Jazz, Warid and Zong.  Smartphone is the need of the day and everyone is looking for the best cellular package to fulfill communication needs.

All the cellular companies in Pakistan like Ufone, Telenor, Jazz, Warid and Zong have launched the Super Card Load services for their customers by which customers can get minutes, sms and internet for the whole month after loading the super card.

Here are the complete details about the Ufone, Telenor, Jazz+Warid and Zong Super Card Load services.

Ufone Super Card Load

The Ufone Super Card family carries to you savings and peace of mind under its services including Super Card Mini, Super Card, Super Card Plus.

  • Super Card Price: 520
  • Validity:              30 days
  • Minutes:              1000 (on net) 150 ( off net)
  • SMS:                    400
  • MBs:                    1200
  • Subscribe         *240#

Ufone Super Card Plus

  • Super Card Plus Price: 599
  • Validity:                  30 days
  • Minutes: 1200 (on-net)  180 (off net)
  • SMS:                                  4000
  • MBs:                                  1500
  • Subscribe                      *250#

Ufone Super Mini Card

  • Super Mini Card Price: 299
  • Validity:                  15 days
  • Minutes:  500 (on-net)  75 (off net)
  • SMS:                                  3500
  • MBs:                                  600
  • Subscribe                      *230#

Telenor Easy Card Weekly

Telenor has also launched EasyCard with a number of affordable options. You can enjoy all network calls, SMS and internet without any additional charges.

  • Easy Card Weekly Price:170
  • Validity:                        7 days
  • Minutes: 500 (on-net) 50 (off-net)
  • SMS:                              500
  • MBs:                              750

Telenor Easy card offer

  • Telenor Easy Card Price: 300
  • Validity:                         30 days
  • Minutes:           500 (on-net) 50 (off-net)
  • SMS:                               500
  • MBs:                               500

Telenor Super Card Load

  • Telenor Easy Card Plus Price: 600
  • Validity:                                 30 days
  • Minutes:               1500 (on-net) 150 (off-net)
  • SMS:                                        1500
  • MBs:                                        1500 MB


You can ask your retailer for “EasyCard” recharge. The retailer will directly subscribe this offer for you.
Or just like any regular scratch card, you can load this Card by dialing *555*<14 digit code on card>#.

Jazz Super Card Load

Now the Jazz Super Duper Card offer is just an outstanding offer by the company, providing thousands of minutes, SMS and MBs to the customers and that too in just Rs.600 PKR.

  • Jazz Super Card Price:    600
  • Validity:                          30 days
  • Minutes:                        2000 (on-net) 150 (off-net)
  • SMS:                                 2000
  • MBs:                                 2GB
  • Subscription                  *601#

Zong Super Card Load:

  • Zong Supreme Card Price: 499
  • Validity:                                  30 days
  • Minutes: 2000 (on net) 150 (off net)
  • SMS:                                        2000
  • MBs:                                        2000
  • Whatsapp Data                     2GB
  • Subscription                         *50#

You can recharge any of the above mentioned Super Card according to your cellular network to fulfill your communication needs.

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