Dangerous Mystery Island Appears in Bermuda Triangle

Dangerous Mystery Island Appears in Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle now once again becomes the center of attraction of people and widely being discussed on social media after some new islands have appeared in it. Bermuda Triangle got popularity due to its mysterious stories of airplane crashes, missing ships and other related incidents.

Now a mysterious island suddenly appears in Bermuda Triangle. The island is off Cape Point in North Carolina and is becoming something of an attraction, but people are being told to stay away. The new island at Bermuda Triangle has been named as Shelly by the locals. The Shelly Island is only 50 yards away from the main island but there is a danger of people drowning because of strong currents.

Bermuda Triangle Island

The islands quite small and were recently spotted from some aircrafts which crossed the area. The reason that they appeared is thought to be the lower sea levels in the area. The sandbank could continue to grow and form part of Cape Point, or it could vanish as quickly as it appeared. The journey from Cape Hatteras to Shelly Island is a said to be dangerous.


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