Defence Day of Pakistan Holiday, Discount Deals, Wallpapers and Patriotic Songs

Everything about the Defence Day of Pakistan, holiday, discount deals, wallpapers and patriotic songs

The defence day or Youm-e-Difah is celebrated every year after the 6th September 1965 Pak-India War II. Pakistani celebrate the Youm-e-Difah every year on 6th September to commemorate the sacrifices of the martyrs of the 1965 war. In 1965 Pak-India War II on 6th September none of the countries occupied but this war impacted the economy of both countries and many people had lost their lives to save Pakistan. Later on, both the countries decide to stop the war with the support of the United Nations UN.

The reason behind the 1965 war between Pakistan and India was Kashmir. A large number of people lost their lives during the Pak-Indo war but the Kashmir dispute remains unsolved today. Now the people of Pakistan observe the Youm-e-Difah or Defence Day just to show that Pakistanis were too courageous and spirited as they lost their lives to save the nation and ruined the plans of their enemy on 6th September 1965.

Defence Day in Pakistan

6th September is the most important day for the people of Pakistan. Pakistanis celebrate defence day on 6th September with special prayers for the peace and prosperity of the country.  Everyone enthusiastically celebrates the defence day in a unique style by sending wishes and quotes and SMS to their friends and also by posting wallpaper and patriotic songs on their social media profiles.

The Prime Minister and President of the country address the nation on this occasion as well.

Defence Day Holiday in Pakistan

The government has not officially declared the Defence Day holiday in Pakistan. It is quite sure that there will be no public holiday on 6th September in Pakistan because for the past few years the government has stopped announcing public holidays to celebrate the Youm-e-Difah.

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Defence Day of Pakistan Discount Deals

just like the other occasion and festivals the clothing brands, food chains and other online shopping websites come with discount deals and offers to make the day more memorable for the people. This year as well to celebrate defence day on 6th September the renowned clothing brands, food chains and online shopping websites are offering huge discount deals and offer to the people of Pakistan.

Defence Day Wallpapers

Here are some of the unique HD Defence Day Wallpapers for your Facebook Profiles and WhatsApp status.

 Defence Day Patriotic songs

Ali Zafar has also released the Pakistan Day song ‘Main Urha’. This year Pakistan Air Force has released a song to commemorate the victory of the 1965 War. Ali Zafar is also the writer and composer of the track. You can watch the Defence Day song by Ali Zafar on the following link: https://youtu.be/d8tbhfDFYo8

Last year DG ISPR has released a new song “Har Ghari Tayyar” to tribute the martyrs of the 6th September 1965 on the Eve of Defence Day 2020.

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