Deformity Can’t Stop You to Achieve Your Dreams: Zahra Abbas Set Example for All

Deformity Can’t Stop You to Achieve Your Dreams: Zahra Abbas Set Example for All

Deformity Can’t Stop You to Achieve Your Dreams: Zahra Abbas Set Example for All. Meet one of the brave girls in the world Zahra Abbas, who was born with all four limbs disability but set example for all the disables. To live life with disability is very difficult but her parents support her to achieve her dreams. She herself showed a great courage by not letting her disability to stop her from achieving success in academics and career.

Zahra Abbas, 25, born with the deformity of all four limbs fought with her disability with the support of her family and her own motivation. She studied most of her life by using her elbows to write and completed her matriculation from Lahore Lyceum School. She has got the gold medal as a special prize from CM Punjab Mr. Shahbaz Sharif for excelling at academics.

She later on went to complete her BBA Hons and MBA from Punjab University’s IBA Department and now follows a successful career in a Management, Development and Consulting organization.

Zahra Abbas has also recently received the prestigious Fatima Jinnah Gold Medal Award.

She has revealed how she was discarded and faced rejection when she was to join school in her early age. She told that a number of schools refuted to give her admission because they feared she would need special care. She got the admission in Lahore Lyceum due to the support of her parents and her on will power. She started the journey of her life from Lahore Lyceum and wrote with her elbows to complete home work, assignments and to clear exams.

She said,

“In our society the people we call special have no special arrangement for them to achieve their dreams or at least, be able to do things normal people do”.

She has faced many challenges and it was also bit difficult for her parents to take care of her but they did not lose hope and make me to survive in this society.

She also did not lose hope and due to her motivation she is able to fulfill her dream and to make a position of her in this society.

She is presently has a successful career as a motivational speaker Management, Development, and Consulting organization.

She said that she also wants to visit every girls’ school of Pakistan as a motivational speaker with a purpose to transform the living of women in the rural and urban areas country.

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