Diet Coke Is Even More Dangerous For Health Than Regular Coke, Say Experts

Diet Coke Is Even More Dangerous For Health Than Regular Coke, Say Experts

The experts have revealed some shocking facts about the use of diet coke. They said that Diet Coke is even more dangerous than Regular Coke. People chose to drink diet cokes in order to avoid excessive calories and becoming obese. But experts have released dangerous warning about coke after a new research one Diet Coke.

The results show that Diet coke cause users to suffer from obesity, many times more than the regular Coca-Cola. Furthermore it comes with a range of diseases with it.

They said that diet coke is verified to demolish human digestive system due to its less calories of soda, which is precipitated several dangerous diseases by increasing fat and obesity.

The use of diet coke is resulting more dangerous for already obese people. Researcher’s team member, a professor at George Washington University said that synthetic sugar in diet coke disabled human digestive system.

They have conducted experiments on artificial sugar (Sucralose) that is used in Diet Coke and over 4 thousand drinks and sweets.

It is also known Splenda sugar contains 600 times more sugar that is found in ordinary sugar and that includes more devastating effects.

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