Don’t Buy Energy & Cold Drinks From Local Pakistani Shops

Don’t Buy Energy & Cold Drinks From Local Pakistani Shops. Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has recently announced that 9000 energy and cold drinks are not safe for human health. The local shops in Pakistan are selling extremely unhealthy and harmful energy drinks to the consumers.

There is a tweet which has revealed how these energy and cold drinks are being made in local Pakistani shops by adding cola color and other harmful ingredients as you can see in the tweet below.

On the other hand the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has raid a number of local shops in different areas of Lahore under the supervision of Rafia Haider Director of Operations PFA, and has found that the locally made energy drinks are not safe for human health.

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PFA team had raid a number of shops in Lahore and found more than 9000 energy drinks had more caffeine than the prescribed limit. PFA team has taken those drinks and removed from the shops.

Furthermore the PFA has also issued a notice to the manufacturers of energy drinks to put labels on the drinks in Urdu language so that the customers would be able to know what they are consuming.

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Rafia Haider has also affirmed that the health of the people should be the supreme priority and no compromise can be made on it.

She has also asked the citizen to co-operate with them so that PFA will be able to remove the unhealthy and harmful food from the market.

Have a look at the tweet by Hamid Mir Below:

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