Don’t Charge Phone Near You, It May Cause Life Threat

Don’t Charge Phone Near You, It May Cause Life Threat

Don’t Charge Phone Near You, It May Cause Life Threat

Now a day it becomes danger to charge your phone near you as it may cause a serious life threat. You are fully aware with the reports of smartphones and iPhones’ batteries explode and as a result lots of people suffer damage.

So it’s better to avoid any type of danger by not charging your phone near you while asleep or using it.

Yesterday, another report emerged that revealed an Alabama man is almost to lose his life due to his cell phone. According to the reports of Washington Post he put his iPhone charging near him while he was sleeping. The next morning as he was about to wake up, a chain around his neck got knotted around the charger’s uncovered connector prongs which had came out loose from an extension cord.

The chain conduits electricity meant for charging the iPhone to his body, throwing him out of bed. Sooner than he understands what was happening, he had experienced third-degree burns about his neck. He started screaming a relative at rushed to his room to find him with burn injuries and a hole in his shirt.

Don’t Charge Phone Near You, It May Cause Life Threat

By then, he had pulled off the chain but not without causing burn injuries to his hands resembling the chain’s patterns.

The iPhone’s extension charging cord had smoke coming out of it. He was immediately rushed to hospital and he was lucky to survive as the electrical shock may cause fatal.

The electricity meant for charging a phone can easily kill a human so it’s better to avoid charging cell phones near you.

Always charge you cell phone while you are away from the device and also don’t use it while it’s on charging to avoid any risk.

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