Don't Feed Your Babies With Formula Milk

Don’t Feed Your Babies With Formula Milk

It’s a trend in the world now to compromise on the formula milks in bringing up kids which is totally illegal and leaves damaging effects on the health of them.

Formula milks have been promoted as the healthy growth products for kids. Breast feeding is extremely important for healthier babies instead of feeding them with formula milks.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommends parents to feed your babies with breast milk and don’t give them formula milk for 6 months. After 6 month it is not necessary to feed your kid with formula milk instead they should be avoided. They said that the formula milks are not the substitute for breast milk.

In Pakistan we can see a number of companies are promoting formula milks for babies as they are essential for their health which is totally wrong.

Do you know in UK advertising for alternate milk intended for children younger than 6 months are illegal.

The formula milks are the combination of iron, zinc, B vitamins & fatty acid which can cause health issues.

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