How to Download and Install GBWhatsapp For Android and iOS Devices?

Latest Version of GBWhatsapp now available for download for the Android and iOS devices.

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What is GBWhatsapp?

Is GBWhatsApp legal?

Does GBWhatsapp Safe for Use?

How to install GBWhatsapp for Android devices?

How to install GBWhatsapp for iOS device?

How to add contacts in GBWhatsApp?

How to use two WhatsApp accounts with GBWhatsApp?

How to uninstall GBWhatsApp?


Whatsapp is the most renowned messenging application nowadays. A number of people across the world are using the Whatsapp is order to remain connected with their friends and family.  This messaging app is not only installed in the smartphones of the youngster but also the people of all ages prefer to have the Whatsapp in their mobile phone to remain in touch with their loved ones.

Whatsapp isthe more secure and easy to use messaging app with a number of amazingfeatures, but still, there is something missing that the users want.

There is anoption of customization, everyone love to customize the downloaded apps as pertheir needs and choices. So if you are looking for the customization ofWhatsapp and want to use it as per your’s want you are right here, Gbwhatsappis the most reliable solution of your problem.

Gbwhatsappwhich was earlier available for the Android users is now also available for theiOS users so they can also customize the Whatsapp features as per their choice.It offers more amazing and unique features which you wish to have in whatsapp. Youcan use this app same as you are using the Whatsapp without worrying about thesecurity and privacy of your content. This app offers the same privacy of yourcontent as you are already enjoying using the Whatsapp.

By using theGbwhatsapp you will feel it superior to the Whatsapp in features, which are notpresent in this messaging app.

So readersif you are interested in Gbwhatsapp here is everything for you.

What is GBWhatsapp?

GBWhatsAppis a WhatsApp MOD that can be used to add new functions to this well-renownedmessaging application. It is actually the modified version of the original app(whatsapp) but it has not been developed by the original developers and neitherhas it acknowledged as authorized to use its source code.

It is saidthat this Gbwhatsapp offers the amazing new features that are not present inthe Whatsapp and the users can feel the same as they are securely using themessaging app.

Here’s what Gbwhatsapp is offering;

Gbwhatsapphas a bunch of advance features that are not present in the latest version ofmessaging app.

It offers noveloptions to govern the privacy, comprising the probability to hide status or thedual blue check without abandoning the options to observe exactly that infoabout the contacts.

It providesthe option to change the user interface and modify it changing the type andsize of the font, in addition to its color.

Furthermoreyou don’t need to use the two SIM cards, you can use the use two phone numbersat the same time in the same application.

It alsooffering a number of functions to share documents and multimedia files.

Its use isvery easy just like the official WhatsApp messenger.

It is basedon the original application and has all the function and features that a userrequired.

It alsooffers the notification about a person’s online status when you open it.

It let youenjoy the status text extended to 255 characters instead of 139 limit.

In this appyou can send more than 90 images instead of 10.

You can alsosend videos above 16GB.

You can addup to 600 people in the recording.

It supportsvoice calls.

Let’s userto change tick styles and colors.

It broadcastmedia without downloading to your device.

In this appyou can also hide the date, time, and contact name while copying a note.

It lets youcheck the last seen of your ccontacts from the main screen.

Its saves thecontact’s status on WhatsApp.

No need to root.

But this isnot an add-on that encompasses its features but an individual application.That’s why you can’t install GbwhatsApp on your mobile phone if you have atpresent got WhatsApp as the operating system perceives it as a replica app.

WhatsApp Plus or YOWhatsApp are also the other MODs that offer the new features and functions.

Is GBWhatsApp legal?

Just likethe other replica apps including WhatsApp Plus and YOWhatsApp, the Gbwhatsappis not legal as these MODs are used to modify the features of the well-renownedmessaging app. 

Gbwhatsappis also not legal as the original developers of WhatsApp has not allowed thesource code to the third party to develop apps using its original app.

If talkingabout an intellectual property violation these MODs apps working likenon-profit making application.  In fact,for pretty a long time WhatsApp used to bar the users from its servers thatresorted to these types of MODs.

However, theyare now implementing the anti-banning systems and the official app appears tobe taking things easier, perhaps due to its irrefutable leading position withinthe instant messaging world.

That is whyyou can’t find these type of MODs application at the Google Play Store andApple App store, as it goes against the rules of this store concerning creatorswhen it comes to allocate their formations.

These WhatsApp MODs have become very famous among the users as they are offering the a number of functions to share documents and multimedia files, option to change the user interface, changing the type and size of the font and color, users also use two phone numbers at the same time in the same application without the requirement of two SIM cards.

Does GBWhatsapp Safe for Use?

The use ofthe Gbwhatsapp is safe if we talk about the safety point in two ways, first isthe privacy of the user from the liable malware and hackers and secondly safein terms of protecting the user account on WhatsApp, although users have to be carefulabout some issues that are mentioned below.

Earlier theWhatsapp authorities, now owned by Facebook, have started banning the users ofthe MODs from its service as a punishment because they started using the modifiedversions to alter the features of the original app.

With thepassage of time it seems that the company has starting to show the leniency andsince then no one has heard about the authority has banned anyone from theservice.

Though wecan say that the GBWhatsApp and the rest of MODs have applied diverse securitysystems to kick out of their users.

On the otherhand if we talk about the malware infections and security risks if you startusing the Gbwhatsapp, as mentioned above it’s not developed by the originaldevelopers and may have security risks, but till yet we have not heard of anycases to be worried about.  

When youinstall the Gbwhatsapp in your mobile phone it got full access to your contactlist and your communications, whether via text message or voice message.

On the whole it can be said that by using the application developed by original developers or third parties and also including MODs you have to be aware of what you are using and that any app can put your privacy at risk.

So, if youare finding how to download and install Gbwhatsapp for android and ios devices,below is the complete process by which you can simply download and install theGbwhatsapp in your devices and can enjoy the most advance features.

How To Download and InstallGbwhatsapp For Android?

Downloadingthe Gbwhatsapp for your Android device is not rocket science, you can easilyinstall this messaging app in your phone by following the below mentionedprocess;

First ofdownload the Gbwhatsapp Apk File by clicking on here.

Once the Gbwhatsapp Apk File downloaded successfullyyou need to find it in the downloadfolder of you mobile phone.

Afterfinding it click on the downloaded file, it will ask for the permission.

For this youneed to allow the unknown sources inyour smartphones in the setting.

Now, go backto the download folder and install the downloaded apk file.

The wholeprocess of installation will take only few seconds.

After theinstallation you will see the icon of Gbwhatsapp in your menu.

You need tomake the GBwhatsapp account same like you do for the Whatsapp.

 It is how you can download and install theGbwhatsapp in your Android device and can use it just like the Whatsapp butwith the most advance features.

How To Download and InstallGbwhatsapp For iOS?

There is noway to download and Install GBWhatsApp on iPhones and iOS devices.

Thereforethis has not been published in the Apple App Store as they do pretty check theQuality of every App.

Thereforethis kind of Application has not been published as it is against the Policiesof Apple App Store.

So, now,there are two ways to get GBWhatsApp on your iOS devices. Both of them needJailbreaking your iPhone or other iOS devices.

Beforeperforming anything on your device, make a Backup of everything on your Phone.

First ofdownload the Gbwhatsapp Apk File by clicking on here.

Once the Gbwhatsapp Apk File downloaded successfullyyou need to install it.

The wholeprocess of installation will take only few seconds and it will startimmediately.

After theinstallation you will see the icon of Gbwhatsapp in your menu.

You need tomake the GBwhatsapp account same like you do for the Whatsapp.

So readers it’sjust a piece of information gathered from the Google regarding the Gbwhatsappfor iOS device. There is no official way to download the Gbwhatsapp for iOSdevice.

It can be risky, so the choice is completely yours.

How to add contacts in GBWhatsApp?

In order toadd contacts in GBWhatsApp, you need to follow the simple steps below:

Open the appand go to the Chats tab.

Click on theupper right hand side of the border on the icon that appears to be a rectangulardialogue bubble just as if you are going to begin a chat.

Here you arerequested to select a contact from your list to start a chat.

There areother selections at the top of the interface.

If you wantto add a new contact fill in the form with the information about the contactand press the blue check in the top right corner to confirm the new contact.

Now thatcontact is part of your phone’s contact list to start a new conversation.

How to use two WhatsApp accounts withGBWhatsApp?

You can usethe two WhatsApp accounts on the same smartphone with GBWhatsApp easily.

 After installing the GBWhatsApp in your phone registerjust like the WhatsApp and start. But must keep in mind that the phone numbermust be active because you will receive the activation code by SMS which youneed to add in GBWhatsApp when demanded.

GBWhatsAppis one of the best MODs that lets you enjoy the interesting functions and alsoallows the users to control privacy or over the customization of theapplication’s interface.

How to uninstall GBWhatsApp?

The uninstallationof the GBWhatsApp is easy and just like the other Android applications.

Here are the process to uninstall theGbwhatsapp for you devices;

First of allyou need to backup all yourconversation and other data, for this you need to go the application’s Settings menu and create the backup from the option.

You canrecover the data in this way when you re-install the WhatsApp Messenger orother MODs.

Now go to settings and then the applications manager.

Search forthe GBWhatsApp application and click on its icon. The next menu offers you theoption to uninstall the app.

Wait for a while then you will see that the application is no more working in you mobile phone.


On the wholeit can be said that the MODs including the Gbwhatsapp, WhatsApp Plus and othersare not developed by the original developers. These mod version of the applicationsare even better than the official ones because they allow you to enjoy theamazing features and others icons that are not present in the originalmessaging app.

This article is just a piece of information if you are looking to install the MODs in your mobile phones to enjoy the enhanced features. So the choice is completely yours. IF you find this article helpful must share your comments below……..for more information stay in touch with

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