Drinking too much Water May Cause Serious Illness or Death

Drinking too much Water May Cause Serious Illness or Death

Drinking too much Water May Cause Serious Illness or Death

The doctor warned that drinking plenty of fluid could be dangerous. Drinking plenty of water raised a question when 59 years old women became gravely ill by drinking so much water and treated in King’s College hospital in South London.

The women developed the symptoms of urinary tract infection then she overdose the water intake. Because of the infection she was advised by the doctor to drink plenty of water, she said that she thought she should consumed more water to flush out the bacteria of her urinary tract.

She was brought to A&E where the doctors found she was suffering very low level of salt in her blood. This happened because she drank too much water in a short period of time.

It can take to the very serious level of illness the minor level symptoms are vomiting, nausea and headache and the serious level symptoms are brain swelling which may cause confusion, seizures, coma and death.

The abnormally low salt level in the body has reported the death rate of almost 30 percent. The doctors said it is hard to understand for everybody that how much water is enough for the body.

The doctors described the condition of the patient woman when she brought to the hospital, they said her body was progressively shaky and muddled and she was vomiting several times a day and she was tremulous and exhibited significant speech difficulties, with the doctors reduced the water intake for next 24 hours.

They said another young female patient brought to the hospital suffering with the same situation but they could not save her life.

The patient herself shared her experience, she said that she lost 24 hours of her life when a UTI or her action in response to it took over her life. She said her hands were shaking violently in front of her and she had no control to stop them then she realized her whole body was shaking, she said it took a week for her to feel normal and felt tired for another week.

Dr Laura Christine and Dr Maryann Noronha said that we advise our patient to drink plenty of water and to keep themselves well hydrated and this is a harmless advise all the symptoms such as vomit, body shaking, speech difficulty, nausea, headache, confusion seizures, coma are the result of low sodium level in the body not because of the water if you just maintain the level of sodium then drinking water will not show any side effect.

Dr Imran Rafi who is the Chairman of clinical innovation and research at the Royal College of GRs said that we recommend our patient to drink plenty of water to keep them hydrated which is necessary for good health of mild and body. He said we recommend it especially for those who do physical work or exercise. Colour of urine is the best way to check the hydration level of your body but the doctors should make it clear how much water should the patient drink according to his or her dehydration level.

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