Easypaisa App Lets Users To Deposit Via Online Transaction Enabled Debit Cards

Easypaisa App Users can now Add Cash to their Easypaisa Mobile Account via Online Transaction enabled Debit Cards from any Pakistani Bank.

Easypaisa, Pakistan’s leading mobile payment service has come up with yet another convenience for customers who already have a Bank Account in Pakistan. Now, such customers can use the Easypaisa App and pull funds conveniently into their Easypaisa mobile accounts by saving their 3D Secure Debit Cards enabled for online transaction and issued by any Bank in Pakistan at absolutely no additional cost.

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan, getting funds into the Easypaisa Mobile Account has been a considerable challenge for customers. Many markets were closed and visiting crowded Easypaisa shops and handling physical currency notes was an even bigger risk.

This problem has now been solved by Easypaisa by introducing a simple process of adding funds to an Easypaisa account. To pull funds from online transaction enabled Debit cards, customers can go to ‘Add Cash’ in the App and choose ‘Add OtherBank Card’.

Easypaisa App Lets Users To Deposit Via Online Transaction Enabled Debit Cards

Next, the user has to choose his respective bank from the provided list and then complete the process.  After few steps, funds will be added to Mobile Account and card will be saved securely. Once a debit card is saved, users can easily add funds in the EasypaisaApp at their convenience.

The process has multiple security checks in place including the generation of One Time Password (OTP) to validate the card-linking procedure and add comprehensive security features for customers. In addition to Debit Cards, certain Banks are also partnering with Easypaisa to enable this functionality on their Credit Cards. Information on the type of card allowed is available on the bank selection screen under the bank name.

Digital banking across the globe is becoming seamless with multiple platforms being cross-linked and easily accessible. Easypaisa aims introduce innovative systems and processes in Pakistan through technology and collaboration. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, digital payments have taken center stage when it comes to safe and convenient access to financial services. This feature amongst others introduced by Easypaisa is another step towards the development of a digital ecosystem that benefits the country as a whole.

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