Electric Bikes Will Soon Be Launched In Pakistan

Electric Bikes in Pakistan image

Motorbikes are one of the affordable and most used means of transport in Pakistan. Most of the people prefer to have bikes due to their efficiently and affordability. Now the motorbikes will be more affordable mean of transportation for the people of Pakistan. They will soon see the electric bikes to run on the roads because Jolta International is all set to launch the electric bikes in Pakistan.
Jolta International has recently unveiled the three electric bikes in Pakistan are set for official release in the coming months.
The electric bikes by Jolta will no need of fuel because they include the rechargeable batteries. The electric bikes have the capacity to run nearly 80 to 100 KM on single charge. The Jolta electric bikes will come in three main tiers namely 70cc, 100cc, and 125cc each with its own price tag.
The other features of the electric bike include disc brakes, an alarm system, digital meter, keyless start, automatic locks.
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