Electric Roti Maker (Chapati Maker) Available in Pakistan

Roti making is not an easy task as you have to give your precious time and money. Roti Maker Machine in Pakistan makes it simple & easy task with its advanced technology. With Roti Maker in Pakistan, you can make perfect Roti in less time. You can take advantage of making Roti in a circular shape in less time and with little energy. This machine is simple to handle and can be done anywhere as you want.

It’ll take only 5 steps to make a perfect Roti by using Roti Maker Machine in Pakistan. This Electric Roti Maker in Pakistan is stainless steel with high-quality material steel plates. The quality & reliability of the steel used in all of its models & one on the subject. Both of the plates used to get hot quickly, due to which Roti can be made easily without too much work. It is true that in limited time this product becomes one of the most online selling products in Pakistan.  The main fact that differ Roti Maker in Pakistan as compared to other products is the strength of itself. It’s difficult for people to make Roti when they have a short time. This automated Electric Roti Maker in Pakistan allows everyone to make their own Roti by themselves in a short time.

Electric Roti Maker in Pakistan is easy to handle and can make many Roti’s less than a minute. It is very useful for family functions and special events when you need to cook for a crowd. It consists of a built in handle pressure together, and it also contains a handle that is used to lift the top plate whether to check the Roti is ready or not. This Electric Roti Maker in Pakistan is one of the best kitchen tools. It is easy to clean due to its non adhesive layer on boards. When Roti Maker is activated then the red light turns on. Roti Maker in Pakistan continually rolling the dough & easily stand in front of the hot stove. You can enjoy an easy way of making the perfect Roti with Electric Roti Maker in Pakistan. You can make soft Roti by using this machine with little effort. Its best advantage is that you can spend its time on other important work. With this appropriate way of making Roti, you can easily make many Roti’s when there are too many guests at home without any trouble.

How to Use Electric Roti Maker

ü         Put dough on the on the lower base of the upper edge

ü        Allows it to cook for twenty seconds & then change its side

ü        Now again cook it for twenty seconds and then reopen Roti Maker

ü       You’ll get a fluffy Roti that is ready to eat

Benefits of Electric Roti Maker

ü        Easy to use & clean

ü        Rolls & cooks chapattis within few seconds

ü        Save time, effort and cooking oil

ü        Consists of non-stick cooking plates

ü        Thermostat is used to control temperature

ü       Consumes the power only 900 watts

ü       Consist of stainless steel body

ü       Roti makes is an efficient & excellent item

ü       Best utility in household types

Electric Roti Maker Price in Pakistan: PKR.6,000

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