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Everything You Need to Know About Pakistan’s First Cryptocurrency Pakcoin

Everything You Need to Know About Pakistan’s First Cryptocurrency Pakcoin. Of the few Pakistani gambles in the digital currency we know, Pakcoin is one of them. Pakcoin is the premier digital currency with a special focus on its Pakistani users.

It is first digital currency in Pakistan, actually based on Litecoin and is 1% premined (trading at Rs. 1.45). These premined coins will be used for development and airdrop to Pakistanis.

Pakcoin is the internet currency that permits fast and easy, near-zero cost payments to anyone across the world.

Pakcoin is an open source, international payment network that is completely decentralized without any central authorities.

Pakcoin has been there since two years but come into focus when a hospital (Abid hospital) starts accepting as a mode of payment. Abid hospital is the first hospital in Asia accepting digital currency.

How To Buy Bitcoins In Pakistan?

Who invented Pakcoin?

Mr. Abu Shaheer is actually the man behind Pakcoin invention in the country. He is a computer geek and working in this field for 16 years. He revealed that the idea to invent Pakcoin comes from Auroracoin, an Iceland based digital currency.

He started Pakcoin alone but later one some local and foreigners have joined him in the marketing of Pakistan’s first ever digital currency.

Use of Pakcoin

The use of Pakcoin, though the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has declared illegal, but a large number of Pakistanis using it to make global payments.

Regardless of your nationality If you have interest in Pakcoin you are most welcome at www.pakcoin.info.

First 150,000 Pakistanis will get 50 PAK each for Free. If you interested fill Pakcoin address and then fill out the form here to claim your free Pakcoins.

Pakcoin is available at Wallets, Linux and Windows, and soon be made available at Mac Wallet.

How to invest and profit with Pakcoin?

If you are interested to invest and profit with Pakcoin you need to watch the video below:

Hope you will find the above information helpful, if you are interested to buy Pakcoin as an investment, please do so at your own risk.

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