Extremely Chapped Lips -Causes and What To Do About Them

Extremely Chapped Lips -Causes and What To Do About Them

Extremely Chapped Lips -Causes and What To Do About Them. Extremely chapped lips should not be set aside and ignored. It can be really distressful and can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. There are several factors that contribute to the development of severely chapped lips. It can simply be an effect of simple circumstances such as the cold weather but it can also be a symptom of more serious conditions. It is important that one knows why his or her lips are chapped for many days or weeks before taking that lip balm for a temporary solution.

The lips are part of the skin but unlike the other areas of the skin and being a mucous membrane, the lips are much thinner and therefore more prone to damage such as chapping, cracking and peeling. Consulting the doctor is the best way to start the treatment process for chronic chapped lips.

How women and men can get the soft and pink lips easily with home remedies.

Tips For Dry and Chapped Lips in Winter. Winter is coming. What’s more, ecological climate is evolving. With these regular changes, we need to likewise change our healthy skin regimen, particularly for the lips and other open skin.

A decent routine to deal with your lips can discharge you from the agony amid the icy season. The skin of the lips is the most delicate part of the body.

Do you constantly having dry and cracked lips? Don’t need to worry any more. Today we will share with you a simple home remedy for having soft and pink lips. If you want soft and pink lips you need to avoid certain things such as smoking, Caffeine and Hot Beverages, and excessive use of cosmetics and also to use the home remedy daily.


  • Over the top utilization of lipsticks
  • Body drying out
  • Lip licking, lip touching or lip gnawing
  • Maturing process
  • Climate change – warmth or frosty
  • Gnawing your lips will bring about draining and split lips
  • Licking your lips is the most noticeably awful propensity
  • Lack of hydration
  • Utilization of exorbitant chemicals (Lipsticks)
  • Any type of liquor can incite skin disturbance
  • Any item with substance additives
  • Leaving the lipstick on, while going to rest
  • Utilizing lip analgesics with liquor, retinol and menthol

The following are the factors and conditions that can cause extremely chapped lips:

Extreme weather – Both cold and hot weather can cause chapped lips. The cold weather plus the cold wind can easily dry out the lips. Same happens with extreme heat from the sun.

Dehydration – Hydration is generally what makes the skin moist and healthy. Lack of hydration is considered to be the number one cause of chapped lips.

Vitamin Deficiencies – Lack of the important vitamins that helps in skin care can also be a cause of chapped lips. These vitamins include the vitamins riboflavin (vitamin B2), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), retinol (vitamin A), and tocopherol (vitamin E).

Allergy – One of the most common effects of an allergic reaction is cracked, chapped, sore and suddenly inflamed lips.

Diabetes – Diabetes generally makes the body more prone to injuries, and chapped lips are one of them.

STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease) – STDs, which include HIV-AIDS, can cause chronic chapped lips.

Chapped lips can be easily remedied with the following interventions:

  1. Use of ointments, lip balms, etc. – The most common remedy for extremely chapped lips is by applying ointments and lip balms on to the affected area. A slice of cucumber can also be applied as well as Shea butter, coconut oil, and even used duck fat for moisture and faster healing.
  2. Avoid hot and spicy food – during the time that the lips are still cracked and sore, spicy, and salty foods will just make them worse so it’s best to avoid them while they aren’t healed yet.
  3. Drink lots of fluid – hydration is the key so one has to be sure he or she drinks adequate amounts of water everyday.

Now fulfill your dream of having soft and pink lips with homemade moisturizer that will brighten your lips in few days. Here are some home remedies to make your lips soft and moisturized.

Extremely Chapped Lips -Causes and What To Do About Them


It is the most ideal approach to clean the lips. It saturates the lips.


Ghee has an indistinguishable impact on the lips from nectar. It will give you smooth and delicate lips, inside no time.

Green Tea Bags:

The most established home cure took after by many is green tea sacks. This is the best normal cure used to cure dried out lips.

Lemon Juice:

This cure will forestall maturing of the skin. It sustains the delicate skin on your lips, abandoning them smoother and gentler than some time recently.

Rose Water and Glycerin:

Rose water and glycerin is an extraordinary blend. It gives sparkling and astounding skin, with customary utilize.

Glycerin and Honey:

Nectar and glycerin will avert wrinkles and dry skin. You have to take a teaspoon of nectar and include not very many drops of glycerin to it. You will see the results in five days.


Cucumber is a vegetable with all the integrity on the planet. You have to take a peeled cucumber and squash it. Extricate the juice and apply this onto your lips. Abandon it on for 20 minutes and wash off with water.

Sugar Scrub:

You can shed your lips by utilizing a decent scour. Indeed, even a little brush will do to evacuate the dead cells on your lips. In any case, the best clean for lips is sugar.

Coconut Oil and Honey:

Coconut oil one tablespoon
Honey one tablespoon


Just mix one them and apply on your lips and let it be absorbed for few minutes and wipe away the excessive oil with tissue paper.


To have pink pretty and glowing lips is the dream of every girl. Having pink lips make you attractive and good looking, but unfortunately not everyone is blessed enough to have naturally pink lips.
Lots of girls have to face dull, dry and dark lips. There are many reasons that contribute a lot in the darkening of lips. It could be of temperature, UV rays of Sun, stress, low blood circulation, smoking and using low quality of makeup products.
If you have dark lips you need not to worry now because getting pretty pink lips is very easy. You also need not to pay heavy money for having desired results because all the Ingredients are available in your kitchen. Today we will tell you an outstanding home remedy for getting naturally pink lips.
You require a beet and a carrot.

Make the fine past of beet and carrot in the grinder and add a tablespoon of olive oil and two tablespoons of honey in it. Mix all the ingredients well and apply the mixture on the lips with the help of cotton ball. Store this mixture into the refrigerator.

Apply this pink lips home remedy daily on your lips. You will see the dark, dull and dry lips becoming soft and pink.

You can also watch the natural pink lips home remedy video below… stay tuned for having more skin care treatments.

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