Federal Ministry Launches SMS Service to Stop Haj Fraud

In order to stop Haj Fraud the Federal Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has launched an SMS service. The SMS service by Federal Ministry will ensure the Haj scheme pilgrims to stay away from fraud and scams.

The SMS service code is 8831 and to use the service, the pilgrims who desire to go to Haj through the Haj Group Organiser (HGO) would first require recognizing the conscription number of the organizer.

Then they need to send the first four digits of this number to 8331 to check whether the HGO is authentic or not.

After SMS users will instantly receive reply from 8331 if the organizer is a genuine one. The reply will contain the details of the organizer such as their name, enrollment status, the chief executive’s name, its address and allotted quota.

Moreover, you can also confirm the details of the organizer by calling at the given numbers or you can click here for additional details.


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