Firing Incident In Pulse Night Club in Orlando: UP to 50 Dead 53 Injured

A horrible firing incident occurs in Pulse Night Club in Orlando which results in 50 dead and 53 injured. Armed man was also killed during hostage situation in the night club, police has confirmed. Mayor Dyer has announced emergency in the whole state. He orders the Law enforcement agencies to make proper investigation of this sad incident in the Pulse Night Club.

Orlando police said that the act of shooting by an armed man is an “act of domestic terrorism”. This firing incident resulted into bulk casualties. Police officials are urging people to stay away from the area as they are trying to safeguarding the night club and the adjoining zone, as well as the accused’s vehicle, a van parked outside the club.

Initially it was reported that 20 people were killed and 42 were wounded during shooting, but now the Mayor has confirmed that 50 people have been killed and 53 hospitalized.

An FBI spokesperson said, in a press conference on Sunday morning, investigators supposed the attacker may have had extremist beliefs and they are trying to pursue his eternal links.

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