Do your Foot Massage Daily at Night and See Changes in Your Body

Do your Foot Massage Daily at Night and See Changes in your body. You want to look younger, fresh, relaxed, physically, and emotionally happy, peaceful just have a night foot massage and you will have the best version of yourself with in the night. Each organ system has nerve endings in the feet, hands, and ears that give you relaxation and calmness.

Now the organ system is also called a zone and hence the therapy “zone therapy”, helps in the proper functioning of the body. By applying pressure with a thumb or finger on specific areas helps in the natural healing process. This process of applying a stimulus is called reflexology.

Reflexology gives you depression free life and lets your headache and body pain stay away from you. As it gives you emotional and physical support so you can enjoy your everyday life with no tension at all.

As in this fast-moving life , we face a lot of stress, workload, pressure with no time to get relief and making our life full of tranquility so doing a foot massage will relieve your body pain, improve the working system of your organs, balancing your body pressure and making your nerves to do best. But for this, you need to keep your foot clean.

Try to follow the given procedure for your foot massage:

Do your Foot Massage Daily at Night and See Changes in your Body

Reflexology Procedure

Thumb or Finger Rotation

For this, you have to move your thumb or index finger in circular movement applying pressure, do perform this task 3 times, move around a small circle, and don’t try to rube it hardly, as it may damage your skin tissues. Thumb press improves the functioning of a specific organ system.

Pivot and Point

Wash your foot in warm water and then make them dry. You need to place your thumb on the required reflex point with slight pressure, and rotate your foot with another point by this you relax Diaphragm, solar plexus area, and adrenal glands. Follow this technique for a few minutes. Do this like massage, you need to apply oil for rub-down as it gives extra relief and drinks a cup of water, as reflexology release toxins from your body. Reflexology relieves headaches and body pain and helps in reducing depression symptoms.

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