FPCCI Appreciates Appointment of Miftah Ismail as Finance Advisor

FPCCI appreciates appointment of Miftah Ismail as Finance Advisor.Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) on Wednesday hailed the appointment of Dr. Miftah Ismail as Advisor to Prime Minister for Finance.

President of FPCCI Zubair F. Tufail, and senior leaders of the Federation S.M. Muneer and Iftikhar Ali Malik in a statement issued here today appreciated the decision of the government to appoint Dr. Miftah Ismail as Advisor to Prime Minister for Finance. They have acknowledged that the step taken by the Prime Minister to form a new finance team as it was the need of the hour.

The business leaders have congratulated Dr. Miftah Ismail on his new assignment and have hoped that since he is aware of the problems being faced by the trade and industry and the businessmen, therefore, he will immediately look into the issues and will try to resolve them. The FPCCI and business leaders have extended their full support to Dr. Miftah Ismail.

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