Google Play Protect (For Android Device) Lets You Stay Safe from Malware Apps


Google has started rolling out its Play Protect for Android Devices ageist malware apps. The Google Play Protect is now available to all Android devices running Google Mobile service 11 or newer.

The Google Play Protect dynamically scans all the apps downloaded from the Play Store to look for any ‘suspicious’ activities or malware apps.

The Google Play Protect not only scrutinized apps before the download, but are constantly tracked and observed to avoid any harm to your data.  The apps that don’t play nice will be blocked or removed from your device.

Google has first introduced this Play Protect service for Android Devices in May and now it’s become global.

You likely won’t require looking at this page very often, the users will also get notifications when a security issue is detected by the Google Play Protect Service, said the company.

The company will start roll out Play Protect service in the stages with any Google update for preventing you devices for widespread malwares.

The Google Play Protect service will be there under the Security menu in the Settings tab in the Play Store once it turns up.

For complete details you can watch the video on what Google Play Protect can do:

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