Haji Ghulam Ali’s Candidature for President FPCCI Rejected

Haji Ghulam Ali’s Candidature for President FPCCI Rejected. Nomination of Businessmen Penal (BMP) presidential candidate, former senator Haji Ghulam Ali, has been rejected for the election of Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI).

Haji Ghulam Ali had filed his nomination papers for the election of FPCCI President against his rival Ghazanfar Bilor, the candidate of United Business Group but Ministry of Commerce’s Director General (Trade Organizations) had rejected his (Haji Ghulam Ali) nomination papers..

BMP presidential candidate’s nomination was rejected on the grounds that he was a big businessman but registered in the small trader members’ category of the FPCCI. Secondly, he had also been remained as the Federation’s President in the past, they said and asserted that one man’s again and again contesting of presidential election would usurp the other traders’ right to be elected as FPCCI President.

Haji Ghulam Ali’s rejection had now totally changed the electioneering for the FPCCI office-bearer-ship.It may be mentioned here that Ch Arfan Yousaf from Gujrat one of the VP candidate of UBG for Punjab had already returned unopposed.

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