All About Hajj Applications Under Government Hajj Scheme 2020

All About Hajj Applications Under Government Hajj Scheme 2020

Hajj Applications under Government Hajj Scheme 2020: The government of Pakistan has officially announced the hajj policy 2020 in which 179,000 Pakistanis to perform Hajj this year.  Hajj is the mandatory pillar of Islam and all the Muslims who can afford the need to perform it once in a life.  

The government hajj package 2020 will be Rs. 486,270 to per person in the northern region, and Rs. 478,520 for the southern region and they need to pay Rs. 22,885 for Qurbani.

Who is Eligible for Hajj under Government Hajj Scheme 2020?

The government has applied the 5 years restriction on performing hajj for the second time.  The people who have done hajj 5 years ago will be eligible to apply for hajj 2020.

The females can’t apply for the hajj under the government scheme without Mehram. Only the females for Fiqh Jafria, above the age of 45 years are exempted from this condition.

The person who has already performed Hajj through government hajj scheme has been declared non-eligible for reapplying: The only exception is a Mehram accompanying a woman for Hajj.

The citizens over the age of 70 will be selected without balloting this year.

The applicants who are unsuccessful in the balloting process from the last 3 years can also submit the hajj applications.

In hajj 2020 nearly 1,000 overseas Pakistanis can get a chance to perform religious duty. Overseas Pakistanis must have a NICOP or valid passport.

All About Hajj Applications Under Government Hajj Scheme 2020

Government Hajj Policy 2020:

This year over 200,000 Pakistanis would perform hajj including the quota of 10,000 granted to the overseas Pakistanis.

Last year the government hajj scheme quota was nearly 184,210 while nearly 76,000 performed the Hajj through Private Hajj Scheme.

 Hajj 2020 Expense:

Now it’s a turn of the hajj policy 2020 the hajj 2020 expense will be nearly Rs.0.5 million.

This year under the government hajj scheme the hajj 2020 expense is Rs. 486,270 per person from the northern region which includes Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Sialkot, Faisalabad Multan, and Rahim Yar Khan and Rs. 478,520 for Southern regions of the country which includes Karachi, Quetta and Sukkur. The Pilgrims would have to pay an additional Rs. 22,885 for Qurbani.

Hajj 2020 Expanse For infants:

All About Hajj Applications Under Government Hajj Scheme 2020

When and where to submit hajj applications 2020?

Banks will start accepting hajj applications under the government hajj scheme 2020 from 24th February.

The government has officially declared the hajj policy 2020 and the related banks will start accepting the hajj applications 2020 from 24th February from people who want to secure a berth under the government hajj Scheme.

After the process of hajj applications submission which will be last on 6th March the results will be announced through balloting process.  

The ministry of religious affairs has imposed strict conditions on scheduled banks. The banks will need to follow the strict rules devised by the government in receiving Hajj applications 2020 under the government hajj scheme.

The banks would have the diverse counters at each elected branch, besides arranging special staff for supervising the intending pilgrims in submitting Hajj applications.

Here is the list of banks where the intended Pakistani pilgrims can submit hajj applications under government hajj scheme;

  1. National Bank Limited (NBP)
  2. Allied Bank Limited (ABL)
  3. Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)
  4. United Bank Limited (UBL)
  5. Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  6. Bank Alfalah Limited
  7. Bank of Punjab (BOP)
  8. Mezan Bank
  9. JS bank Ltd
  10. Habib Metropolitan Bank
  11. Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd
  12. Sindh bank
  13. Faysal Bank

Applicants can either visit the nearby bank branch to obtain the hajj applications or also can download it by visiting the official websites of the banks.

Applicants need to visit the bank branches for submitting the hajj applications. Only United Bank of Pakistan (UBL) is providing the online hajj applications’ submission facility.

When will be Hajj 2020 draw?

The hajj 2020 draw through the government hajj scheme will be held in March.

The pilgrims will be able to the status of their application after the hajj draw on the ministry’s website, and

Required Documents for Hajj 2020:

The intended pilgrims need to have the following document before applying for the government hajj scheme 2019;

Valid CNIC


Recent Passport sized photographs

Medical certificate

Women applicants of Fiqh Jafria must be 45 years of age.

The validity of the Machine Readable Passports of intending pilgrims should be up to 2021. Applicants of over 80 years of age should include the name of their assistant in the group.

Important Note:

If you want to go for hajj under the private hajj scheme Please verify the authenticity of the Hajj group organizing companies (HGOs).

For finding the authenticity of HGOs you need to dial the first four digits of the HGO’s enrollment numbers from mobile phone and to send it 8331.

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