Hajj Policy 2018 Announced

Hajj Policy 2018 Announced

Hajj Policy 2018 Announced. The federal government on Wednesday has approved the Hajj Policy 2018. The Hajj Policy 2018 has revealed that the official hajj scheme quotas will 120,000. The Hajj Policy 2018 was approved by the federal government and in a press conference the Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousaf revealed that the Hajj applications will be accepted by the government banks starting from 10th January.

The designated branches of government banks will start receiving Government Scheme Hajj applications from 15th to 25th January 2018. Sardar Muhammad Yousaf also revealed that the official Hajj scheme draw will be held on 26th January, 2018.

He said 59,210 would perform the Hajj in 2018 through Private Hajj Scheme. He also revealed that the Hajj dues have not been increased in Hajj Policy 2018 to enable the intending pilgrims to perform the sacred religious duty with immunity.

According to Hajj Policy 2018 Rs.280,000 for North region while Rs 270,000 would be received from the intending pilgrims going to perform Hajj from South Region. On the other hand the intending pilgrims would have to deposit Rs 13,050 additional for sacrifice.

Sadar Yousaf said that the policy of the last year will continue and total of 179,210 Pakistanis would perform Hajj in 2018. The 67 percent will perform Hajj from government scheme and 33 percent under private scheme.

The hajj policy for 2018 was revised due to the decision of the Supreme Court, revealed the minister.

He said that if there are any divergences in the Hajj scheme then the government will bear them.

He added that it is the fifth consecutive year that the government has effectively declared the hajj policy.

Now Biometric Verification Compulsory for Umrah and Hajj pilgrims

Hajj Policy 2018 details

Government has reserved nearly 10,000 seats for the citizens over 80 years of age and they will also be accompanied by one attendant.

Furthermore the people intended to perform Hajj but have failed to get their names selected in draws for at least three times will have an additional chance this year. Government has also reserved 10,000 seats for them.

According to the Hajj policy 2018 those who have earlier performed the sacred duty through government scheme will not be eligible to apply via government scheme.

Moreover, the people who have performed hajj in the last three years will not be eligible to apply either through government or private hajj schemes.

Government Banks Will Start Accepting Hajj Applications 2018 From Jan 15

When To Submit Hajj Application 2018?

The government banks will start accepting Hajj Applications 2018 from 10th January till 24th January.  The draw to choose the pilgrims for hajj 2018 through the government scheme will be held on 26th January.

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