Here’s Everything About Hajj Policy 2024

Hajj policy 2024, hajj applications, expenses, required documents, etc.

The federal government of Pakistan is all set to approve the Hajj Policy 2024 soon. As per the Hajj policy 2024, the amount per pilgrim has been set at Rs. 1.1 million, according to local media sources. 

The official sources of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony informed us that the draft of Hajj Policy 2024 finalized after consultations with all stakeholders. The federal cabinet has approved the Hajj Policy 2024. The Minister for Religious Affairs, Aneeq Ahmed, has revealed the Hajj policy for 2024.  The Hajj policy now permits individuals under 10 to accomplish the pilgrimage obligation.

Private Hajj schemes now have more flexibility in providing service personnel for individuals over 80. They need to be accompanied by an attendant.

The government will start accepting hajj applications in 2024 for securing a berth in the Government Hajj Scheme from the general public within a few days.

This year, the hajj quota will be 179000 to Pakistan. Out of the total quota, 50% has been reserved for the government scheme and the other 50% for the private scheme.

All those pilgrims (men and women) who have performed Hajj between 2017 and 2023 are not eligible to apply. However, the men who wish to accompany women, who haven’t performed Hajj during this period, can apply as per Mehram.

On the other hand, the Sponsorship Scheme for hajj 2024 is exempt from this restriction.

Moreover, Pakistanis can perform Hajj for up to 20 to 25 days for the first time, revealed the Religious Ministry. There are now two hajj packages, such as long hajj and short hajj. Below you can find the complete details;

Long Hajj Package 2024:

Under the long hajj package 2024, the pilgrims can spend 42 days, including eight days in Madina.

Short Hajj Package 2024:

Under the short package 2024, the pilgrims can spend 25 days, including eight days in Madina.

Hajj 2024 Sponsorship Scheme:

Under the Hajj 2024 sponsorship scheme overseas Pakistani pilgrims need to pay in Dollars. Moreover, they can also sponsor someone from their family members in Pakistan. Pilgrims from the northern region and southern parts need to pay $3,800 and $3,765, respectively.

Hajj 2024 Expenses:

Hajj 2024 expenses are low as compared to the previous year. This year, for performing Hajj from the southern parts, Karachi, Quetta, and Sukkur, pilgrims need to pay Rs. 1,065,000 where as the pilgrims from northern parts need to pay Rs.1,075,000 for a long hajj package.

The hajj 2024 expenses for the short hajj package are nearly Rs, 80,000.  The pilgrims from southern parts, Karachi, Quetta and Sukkur, pilgrims need to payRs.1,140,000 where as the pilgrims from norther parts needs to pay Rs.1,150,000 for short hajj package.

Hajj expense for teh the sponsorship scheme will cost $4,015 for southern and $4,050 for northern parts.

Hajj applications 2024

The hajj applications 2024 for securing a berth in the Government Hajj Scheme from the general public will start from the 27th of November till the 12th of December 2023. The date of the Hajj 2024 draw will be announced later. Hajj applications under the government Hajj scheme will be available at the eligible banks. The branches of these banks are available across the country to entertain the hajj applications.

  1. Allied Bank Limited (ABL)
  2. Bank Alfalah
  3. Bank of Punjab (BOP)
  4. Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
  5. Mezan Bank
  6. Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB)
  7. National Bank Limited (NBP)
  8. United Bank Limited (UBL)

Required Documents for the Hajj 2023:

The intended pilgrims need to have the following document before applying for the government hajj 2024;

  • CNIC valid until December 16, 2024
  • Passport (Machine Readable Passport)
  • Recent Passport sized photographs
  • Medical certificate
  • Must know his/her blood group.
  • For the Sponsorship Hajj Scheme, it is essential to send the name, ID card, and contact details of the Hajj pilgrim along with the amount in the Ministry’s dollar account in Pakistani banks from abroad.
  • Women who are to perform hajj without Mehram need to submit permission from their parents/husbands.

Government HajJ Facilities:

Under the government Hajj scheme 2024 the pilgrims will be given the following facilities:

Training for Hajj
Medical facilities in Saudi Arabia
Two-way flight tickets
5-litres of Zamzam

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