Harley Davidson to Introduce Electric Motorcycles

Harley Davidson to Introduce Electric Motorcycles

Harley Davidson to Introduce Electric Motorcycles. The famous motorcycle manufacturer, Harley Davidson has decided to introduce the electric motorcycles. The company said that they have started the production of their first ever electric motorcycle and it will be available for sale in 2019.

Harley Davidson has been thinking to work on the idea to introduce the electric motorcycles for the past four years but now officially declared to start the manufacturing of their first ever electric motorcycle.

The Harley Davidson electric motorcycle is expected to arrive in 2019. The electric motorcycle by Harley-Davidson will be made on the performance specs of LiveWire, the same model electric motorcycle the company launched in 2014.


It is anticipated that the declaration of introducing an electric motorcycle is more likely company’s attempt to save its position which is going down. In 2017, the company had to cut about 800 jobs due to sales dip of 6.7 per cent.

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