Have a Look at Beautiful Junaid Jamshed Mosque In Karachi

Have a Look at Beautiful Junaid Jamshed Mosque In Karachi

Have a Look at Beautiful Junaid Jamshed Mosque In Karachi. A beautiful Mosque has been built in Karachi and named Junaid Jamshed. The mosque built in Karachi in the memory of late singer-turned-evangelist Junaid Jamshed and now the doors of the Mosque are opened for the general public.

The Junaid Jamshed mosque has been built in Singer Chowrangi, Korangi at J. Unit 2 in Karachi. The  mosque in Karachi is now open and is built in the memory of late singer-turned-evangelist. The Junaid Jamshed mosque is so beautiful and took the internet with storm. The news of the inauguration of the mosque was disclosed by the actress Sanam Baloch on her Twitter account.

“Junaid Jamshed Masjid has been inaugurated today at Singer Chowrangi #Korangi at J. Unit 2, #Karachi. Such a beautiful mosque. The mosque has been named in loving memory of our beloved and dearest #JJ,”

The Junaid Jamshed mosque in Karachi features the awe-inspiring structure.

Junaid Jamshed was a Pakistani singer-turned-evangelist, who died on 7 December, 2016, flight PK-661 crashed near Havelian.

Have a look at the beautiful Junaid Jamshed mosque and share your precious comments below:

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