Why Does The Diet Go Into Anorexia?

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Why Does The Diet Go Into Anorexia. The diagnosis of “anorexia,” that is, the pathological rejection of food, according to research, affects about 4% of women around the world. In pursuit of beauty, they refuse from eating. After a meal, they cause vomiting, and start to lose weight quickly, sometimes it comes to a lethal outcome.

To defeat anorexia, one drug treatment is not enough, it is necessary to understand the psychological causes that caused this deviation.

In adolescence, problems with appearance often come to the fore. Boys want to have a muscular figure, girls – a beautiful face. In addition, this is quite natural, because they want to be liked by their peers. Each age has its own priorities. If in the childhood games were the most important for kids, then in school, study and communication with peers go to the forefront. Moreover, in the high school, the desire to communicate even pushes back studies. For teenagers it is more important than assessments. This is quite natural: they need to learn how to behave in a team, to win respect and authority. It leads to problems with studying and children start to suffer from various complexes. If girls can not assert themselves in the team, they often come to the conclusion that the whole thing is in an unattractive appearance, and therefore, it is necessary to correct it.

Schoolgirls often perceive themselves as inadequate, so even a small flaw can inflate to an incredible scale. First, weight loss gives them satisfaction. After all, peers admire her willpower. This attitude increases self-esteem, and often girls continue to fatigue themselves with diets to assert themselves in other people’s eyes. In addition, if at first weight loss was only part of a grandiose plan (to be successful in school, to be liked by peers, to make a career), then gradually it becomes an end in itself. All the other tasks are moved to the distant future.

Psychologists sometimes call anorexia “a disease of honored pupils”. Very often independent, successful, ambitious girls who set themselves high goals are subjected to this disease. Usually, they learn well, are respected in the team, but strive to achieve more. They tend to the ideal, the desire to be perfect in everything. By noticing any shortcomings (often imaginary), they are trying hard to correct them.

In the early stages, girls are hiding that they restrict themselves to eating. For example, at home they say that they ate at school, and teachers are assured that they were given breakfast with them. Often in the field of vision of doctors, they fall only after 2-3 years of diet, when leanness becomes too obvious. However, by that time anorexia is already taking the second stage, and curing it becomes much more difficult.

Sexual development at the hormonal level begins at 8-9 years and is completed by the age of 18. Girls in this period need a full meal. A strict diet and starvation can provoke very significant negative changes in the body – the maturation of eggs is impaired, other reproductive organs suffer.

It happens that after treatment in psychiatric hospitals patients are recovering, gaining the necessary weight. However, any problem, frustration or conflict situation leads them to believe that the problem is in excess weight, they are starting to lose weight again. Experts warn: in neglected cases, the situation can reach complete depletion (cachexia) and, despite all the efforts of physicians, about 20% of patients cannot be saved. Therefore, even if the treatment was successful, it is necessary to continue to be observed by the therapist. This will help to avoid relapse.

The prerequisites for getting anorexia are laid in early childhood. It all begins with an innocuous remark of mother, father’s joke, the sneer of a brother or sister. Therefore, in any case, do not criticize the appearance of your daughter! You should not compare her with models, actresses, athletes. Do not allow comments like: “If you were slimmer, you could succeed!” In this case, the girl can form a belief that success is inextricably linked to the way she looks, and not from her internal qualities.

Noticing that the girl began to limit herself in food, be sure to talk with her, ask about the reasons for this behavior. Nevertheless, speak very delicately so as not to cause aggression. If you cannot convince her, you should ask a professional psychologist.

A compromise is also possible: agree with the daughter that the diet will not hurt, but it is better if it is made by a specialist. You can pay a visit to a dietician together with her. Let him examine the girl and make an individual meal plan for her. A specialist will probably offer a soft, sparing diet that does not do any harm, but at the same time will help to keep fit.

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